How to apply gold eyes and red lips

With the seasons changing, it's no wonder our thoughts turn to holiday events and the glitz and glitter of the season. Holiday lights and decorations shouldn't be the only pretty things in the room. If you're thinking of trying out a fun eyeshadow look that will catch the light and turn a few heads, then we have just the thing for you.
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to pair a glittery gold eyeshadow with a classic red lip. The finished result has drama, depth and just the right amount of glamour for any evening event. You'll need a few different makeup brushes as well as neutral matte and shimmer shadows. Don't forget about that gorgeous red lippie you've been saving. Tonight's the night to pull out all the stops.
- Neutral matte eyeshadow in your choice of shades
- Deep brown eyeshadow
- Gold shimmer eyeshadow
- Black matte eyeshadow
- Red satin lipstick
- Fluffy blending brush
- Small, flat defining brush
- Lip brush
1. To create depth and dimension to your eye area, begin by applying a neutral matte eyeshadow to the crease or slightly higher if you have hooded eyes. Use a fluffy blending brush and sweep the shadow on in windshield-wiper motions. Be sure the shadow is diffused without any harsh edges.
2. Next, smoke out the lower lash line. Grab your small defining brush and apply deep brown shadow below the lower lashes. Gently diffuse the color to keep it looking soft.
3. Ready to add some glamour? Use your flat eyeshadow brush to apply gold shadow from the inner corner of the lid to the middle. Don't go all the way to the corner because you're going to add a darker color there for depth.
4. Add some more drama to the outer corners by drawing a "V" shape using your flat brush and black matte shadow. Blend carefully, drawing some additional shadow into the crease to bring the look together.
5. Finalize the look by applying red lipstick with a small lip brush. This look works best with a satin lipstick instead of matte.
You're all ready to dazzle and delight. Stay pretty!
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