How to do a deep teal smokey eye

If your evening plans include a night out, then a smokey eye is the way to go. Dim lights mean upping the drama on your eye look, and this gorgeous teal version is a great change of pace from the ordinary smokey combination. It's also easier than you think because it eliminates the need for eye liner.
In our tutorial, we've layered multiple matte shadows to create a gradient effect with a hint of blue/green drama. You'll begin with your traditional neutral mattes and then progress to deepen the look with each additional shade. Take your time here. A smokey eye that's applied in layers will always look more natural than one applied with a heavy hand in one pass.
- Warm-toned matte eye shadow
- Dark brown matte eyeshadow
- Dark grey matte eyeshadow
- Teal matte eyeshadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Flat eyeshadow brush
1. Begin by defining your crease with a warm-toned matte eye shadow in your choice of colors.
2. With your fluffy blending brush, deepen the crease color by adding dark brown matte eyeshadow in circular and windshield wiper motions.
3. Next, layer dark grey matte eyeshadow onto the top of the crease to create a complementary shade for the teal. As always, blend carefully to eliminate any patchiness or harsh lines.
4. It's time for some color! Use your flat shadow brush to apply the teal eyeshadow onto the lid in patting motions. Take your time and add more shadow if necessary. Remember, it's easier to build up color one layer at a time. Finish by diffusing the look with a fluffy blending brush.
5. Complete the look by smoking out the lower lash line with teal shadow and your flat brush.
That's all there is to it. Now grab your purse and head out for the evening.
Stay pretty!
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