Easily remove gel nail polish at home with these tips

Have you ever looked down at your gel manicure and realized that it is past its prime? The cuticles have grown in, the glossy finish has faded, and the tips are starting to lift. It's time for a new look. But one obstacle stands between you and a fresh manicure: The old gel needs to come off!
Nail salons might tell you that only their technicians know how to remove gel polish. In reality, many affordable ways exist to safely remove gel polish at home.
Protect your skin with Vaseline
Many products that are effective for removing gel polish also dry skin. Before using acetone or another harsh gel polish remover, dip a cotton swab in Vaseline, and apply it liberally around the nail. Proceed with a gel polish remover. Your cuticles will thank you.
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File off color gel
Unless you want to spend hours waiting for removal products to work, it is important to break the surface tension of your gel manicure with a file. This will help your removal product penetrate the gel and remove it completely. If you don't have any products to remove polish, file it off yourself with a little patience. For best results, approach the nail at different angles with the file, and move it back and forth until all the paint has worn off.
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Use gel removal clips
Put a piece of cotton soaked with acetone inside a gel removal clip, and clip it onto your fingertip. Position it so the cotton piece is in direct contact with the nail. The clip will keep the cotton pad in place, allowing the acetone to soak in and lift up the polish. Follow with a scraper to remove what's left of the polish. Hydrate your cuticles to counteract the drying effect of the acetone.
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Hydrate nails
Applying acetone is the most popular way to remove gel, but here's a gentler method. If the gel is already lifting or peeling, almond or olive oil will help it along. Apply the oil generously around and under your nail, and use a scraper or your fingers to peel off the gel. Add another layer of oil once the gel is off to hydrate your nail and prevent damage.
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Apply Magic Remover
This is the fastest way to get gel off in a hurry. Break the surface tension of your manicure with a nail file, and follow with a coat of Magic Remover. Follow the instructions on the bottle, allowing sufficient time for the remover to work. Use a scraper to push off the polish, and a file to even out the nail.
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