10+ mistakes you never realized you were making with the beauty blender

Traditional makeup sponges never used to get any of the spotlight or attention. That was until the beauty blender was invented by professional makeup artist Rea Ann Silva during a makeup class one day. Now, these tear-shaped hot bright pink sponges are all the rage.
Unlike traditional sponges, these beauty blender sponges are designed to absorb water. This enables you to apply streak-less makeup flawlessly. No matter what look you are going for - intense contour or just everyday glam, the beauty blender is here to stay. Before you get comfortable with your beauty blender, make sure you avoid these 10+ common pitfalls.
1. Applying foundation directly to the sponge
The better way is to squeeze liquid foundation onto the back of your hand first rather than the sponge itself. This ensures you aren't wasting any of that product.
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2. Using the beauty blender dry
The beauty blender is intended to be used wet. You'll want to dampen your sponge before use. When it's wet, it increases in size too. If you don't do this step, most of the product will be absorbed by the blender versus being on your skin.
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3. Use a sweeping motion for application
For the best streak-free application, use a dabbing motion.

4. You only use one side of the blender
The fat side is best for areas of full coverage from foundation to powders. The tip can be used for hard-to-reach areas.
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5. You don't clean it properly
If you don't clean the sponge often enough, not only will the sponge disintegrate, but it will also transfer bacteria to your skin. One method of cleaning is to use a dime-sized portion of special beauty blender cleansing solution. You can also use baby shampoo. It's recommended you clean your sponge after every use. Make sure it dries before re-use.
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You use too much pressure
The sponge is designed to do most of the work. Once the sponge is wet, the application should be easy and flawless. All you need to do is gently apply pressure.
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You don't store it properly
To avoid mold or bacteria growth on your sponge, put it in a ventilated pouch versus directly into a makeup bag or drawer.
You only use the beauty blender when applying foundation
The beauty blender is more versatile than you think. Next time, try using the blender when applying moisturizer.
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You only use it for liquids
You can also use your blending sponge for powders. When applying powders, you'll want to keep the sponge dry to avoid caking.
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You don't replace it often enough
Beauty blenders don't have infinite shelf life. Make sure to replace your sponge with a new one every 3 months.
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