How to create a mulled wine makeup look

The autumn season is finally here, and so are the fall-inspired makeup looks. Dark reds, deep browns and shimmering golds are the perfect eye shadow colors for autumn. This mulled wine eye shadow looks fabulous anytime -- day or night!
We have laid out everything you need to know to achieve this look in the video tutorial. The dark tones mixed with the hints of gold glitter in this mulled wine look will make you shine, guaranteeing that you will look fierce and chic this season.
-Neutral matte eye shadow
-Warm brown matte eye shadow
-Black matte eye shadow
-Gold shimmer eye shadow
-Neutral lipstick
-Neutral lip gloss
-Fluffy blending brush
-Flat eye shadow brush
Fierce League
1. Start by blending the neutral matte eye shadow into the creases of your eyes with a fluffy blending brush.
2. Take your flat eye shadow brush and start applying the warm brown matte eye shadow in the inner and outer corners of your eyelids.
3. Next, blend the same warm brown matte eye shadow you just applied, using your fluffy blending brush. The key with blending is applying color first with the flat brush and then blending directly after with your fluffy brush to diffuse the color.
4. Apply the same warm brown matte eye shadow to your lower lash lines using your flat eye shadow brush, and then blend directly after with your blending brush.
5. Deepen the inner and outer corners of your eyelids by adding the black matte eye shadow with your blending brush.
6. Add some drama on the lower lash lines by applying the same black matte eye shadow with your flat eye shadow brush and then blending out the color.
7. Open the center of your eyes by applying your gold shimmer eye shadow using your flat eye shadow brush on the center of your eyelids and the center of your lower lash lines.
8. To finish off your eye look, apply a few coats of your favorite mascara to the top and bottom lashes.
9. To complete this mulled wine look, apply a neutral lipstick to your lips. Spice up the lips by adding the gold shimmer eye shadow to your lips with your fluffy blending brush.
10. Finally, add some moisture to the lips by applying a neutral lip gloss.
Now you have a super easy look that’s perfect for this autumn season!
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