How to do a glitter halo eye

The "halo" eye shadow look has been around for quite a while, but if the term is new to you, here's a quick explanation. The whole idea is to bring light to the center of the lid, which can make your eyes look brighter and bigger. To achieve this effect, the inner and outer corners of the lid need to be darkened first.
You can achieve this look with matte shadows, but liquid glitter shadow really makes the whole look pop. No need for eye liner on the top lid either, so you can concentrate on bringing light to the center and simply smoking out the lower line.
Ready to get started? Watch this quick tutorial, and you'll be glittering in no time.
- Neutral matte eyeshadow
- Charcoal matte eyeshadow
- Black matte eyeshadow
- Liquid glitter shadow in a light color
- Black eye liner pencil
- Black mascara
- Highlighting powder
- Neutral lipstick in your choice of colors
- Fluffy blending brush
- Flat eyeshadow brush
- Fan brush
1. With a fluffy blending brush, apply neutral matte eyeshadow to your crease in back and forth motions.
2. Using your flat eyeshadow brush to pat charcoal eyeshadow onto the inner and outer corners, then blend to soften the look with your fluffy brush.
3. Deepen the corners a bit more with black eyeshadow, but be careful not to spread the shadow into the center of the lid.
4. Here comes the sparkle! Apply liquid glitter shadow on the center of the lid in a patting motion.
5. Smoke out the lower lash line with black eyeshadow by using your flat brush.
6. Apply black eye liner pencil to your lower lash line.
7. Time for mascara! Apply 2-3 coats to your upper and lower lashes.
8. Don't forget to highlight those cheekbones using highlighting powder and a fan brush for precision.
9. Last but not least, complete the look by applying neutral lipstick in your favorite shade.
You're ready for your closeup. Stay pretty!
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