Avoid these mistakes when you are putting on eye shadow

So, you think it's an effortless task to apply eye shadow? Tell that to all the people walking around with eyes that appear too close together, too far apart or totally uneven! Clearly they don't know the best mistakes to avoid eye shadow disasters.
Eye shadow should look natural and flatter your overall appearance. When choosing a shadow, stick with a matte shade that compliments your face. A bright, shimmery color will detract from your beauty and is an outdated look. Use caution when applying eyeshadow to lids and creases – some of the worst mistakes occur during application.
Learn the best mistakes to avoid when applying eyeshadow when you practice the techniques shown in the short video.
- Matte eye shadow
- Fluffy blending brush
- Flat eye shadow brush
1. Apply eye shadow carefully to the crease area. Do not brush it too high toward the eyebrow or you'll run the risk of having it overpower your face.
2. Use caution when applying eye shadow to the crease; if you brush it on too close to the nose, it will give the illusion of making eyes appear closer together.
3. Aim for symmetry. One eye should never appear winged while the other is rounded.
4. Apply eye shadow lightly on the lower lash to avoid looking tired or like a raccoon.
5. Use dark eye shadow to achieve a smokey look, but be careful not let it leave your eye area altogether.
6. Apply a warm tone, such as orange, to flatter your eyes. Avoid bright colors and shimmery textures.
7. Use the fluffy blending brush on the crease, not the eyelid. Apply eye shadow in small circles, and swipe the brush in a back-and-forth motion like a windshield wiper.
8. Use a flat eye shadow brush for your lid, being careful not to cover the color on the crease.
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