8+ eyebrow tips that are going viral

Women constantly work to achieve a naturally perfect look, and part of that look is perfect eyebrows. But perfect eyebrows can be notoriously difficult to get. How do you balance having eyebrows look good with doing them quickly, especially if you are short on time?
Luckily, the following tricks and tips are here to help. Some of the tricks are going to be new and novel while others are tried and true. Let's get started!
Groom carefully
Through the years, brows have gone from thin to thick, and I guarantee that trend will reverse multiple times in your lifetime. Avoid overplucking your brows and focus on cleaning up strays at the inner corner and below the brow bone.
Determine where your brows should start
No one wants a unibrow; then again, spacing your eyebrows too far apart can look just as awkward. As a general rule, the inner corner of your eyebrow should line up with your nostril.
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Find your eyebrow shape
Not sure how to shape your brows or where the brow arch should be? Watch the tutorial to see how to find your eyebrow shape.
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Outline with pencil first
There's a definite order to filling in brows, and wax or pencil products usually go on first. Use light strokes to create the overall shape, then fill in sparse spots lightly.
Use two different shades of brow powder
The brow at your inner corner can look heavy and fake if you go too dark, so use a light powder on the inner corner and a darker color from the arch to the tail.
Know the mistakes you are making with your eyebrows
This video goes over the most common eyebrow mistakes and tells you what you should avoid.
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Set in place with gel or clear mascara
If you spend a fair amount of time getting your brows perfect, you need to set them in place so they look good all day. Clear mascara makes a great substitute and cheap alternative for brow gel.
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Treat your brows nightly
Keeping your brows in good condition will make them easier to groom on a daily basis. Use castor oil on them at night to help them grow longer and stronger.
Create eyebrow shape the right way
Use concealer and brow pomade to define your shape. Watch the tutorial below to see how the perfect brow shape is achieved.
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Eyebrow stencils
Some people claim these eyebrow stencils have cut their eyebrow makeup time in half. Not sure if you believe us? Get the full tutorial here.
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