How to execute an autumn sunset makeup look

Fall is here, and what better way to welcome pumpkin spice season than to revamp your everyday makeup look? With any season, there’s always a legion of new makeup trends to try. This summer’s popular shade was sunrise yellow. Now that it’s autumn, beauty gurus everywhere are saying it’s time to take the brighter shades of summer down a couple of notches to accommodate the chillier weather. Are you ready to take center stage and stun everyone with this awesome autumn sunset-inspired makeup tutorial?
Harsh winter weather and indoor heaters can wreck havoc on skin, stripping it of moisture and luster, which means you can be more susceptible to developing fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Investing in a quality moisturizer and eye cream are essential to reigning in those pesky skin issues in the long term, but there's a quick solution to eliminate the appearance of ashen skin and add instant warmth and radiance to your face: Indulge in richer makeup hues such as tangerines and maroons. If you plan to use a deeper tone such as tangerine on your eyelids, balance it out with a lighter shade of lipstick.
- Blending eye shadow brushes
- Matte tangerine eye shadow
- Matte maroon eye shadow
- Matte peach eye shadow
- Glitter eye shadow
- Flat synthetic brushes
- Concealer
- Lip liner (one resembling your natural lip color)
- Neutral lip gloss
- Peachy orangey blush
- Champagne-colored highlighter
1. Work the matte tangerine eye shadow onto the creases of your eyelids using the blending eye shadow brush.
2. Swipe the matte maroon eye shadow right below the tangerine eye shadow with another blending brush. Then, using light brush strokes, smoke out the outer corners of your eyelids with the maroon shade for added definition and drama.
3. Add concealer halfway onto the inner corners of your eyelids with a flat synthetic brush. Apply the matte peach eye shadow on top of the concealer to set the shades onto your lids.
4. Using another flat eye shadow brush, work the matte maroon eye shadow along the rims of your lower lash lines and blend carefully.
5. Add a dash of glitter onto the inner corners of your eyes for some sparkle.
6. Outline the contours of your lips with the lip liner, trying not to stray too much outside the natural lip line. Remember to choose a shade that closely resembles the natural color of your lips. Apply a coat of neutral lip gloss on top.
7. Swipe the peachy orangey blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Add a dose of the champagne-colored highlight onto your cheekbones to complete the look.
It must be the magic hour because you look bewitching!
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