Channel the galaxy with these 7+ nail designs

What's your sign? With these looks, that's a question your nails can answer for you. The internet is rife with a collective interest in astrology, horoscopes, and everything that lies just beyond the skyline. Of course style mavens found a way to translate the beauty of the stars into some creative nail art. Despite how intricate some of the looks may be, they're not too difficult to recreate.
If you're looking to flaunt your sun sign, show some love to the Milky Way, or want others to get lost in your nails the same way they get lost looking up at the night sky, then the galaxy nail art trend is your next obsession.
Constellation nails
The Little Dipper never looked so good. Make your love for constellations pop with the shimmer of a metallic night sky as the backdrop, drawing all of the attention to the gold flecks of star detail.
Fierce League
A delicate hand goes a long way with this look. Make sure to carefully and accurately place the star accents at the right points after lightly drawing in the constellation lines. View the video below to see exactly how to get everything to stay in place.
Blue night sky
These blue night sky nails are so realistic, they look just like a photo. The wisps of fluffy radiance running across the center replicate the Milky Way, adorned with the bright twinkles of surrounding stars.
Night sky nails
These gorgeous night sky nails give a bubblegum-pop flair to the nighttime theme with a baby pink shimmer mixed with the blue. With these, the stars can be placed anywhere since they're more about accentuating the glimmer more than anything else.
Fierce League
Mixing three different polishes creates this swirl of colors, but there are a few more steps that help create that textured look.
This simple, yet haunting ode to our mother Moon shows the waxing and waning phases in an artistic way. Playing with the thickness of color in different spots adds depth to the moon, like its many craters.
Fierce League
Add some extra oomph to this minimalist look by touching up the outsides of the moon tracings. Want to add more visual range? Watch the video below.
The Moon isn't the only planetary body that can spice up the look of your nails. This cosmic creation combines bright colors and whirly patterns for an eye-catching nail job.
Fierce League
The right tools are crucial for achieving this look. A lot of detail goes into this Vincent Van Gogh vibe, and quite a few brush strokes can really bring these planets to life. Just be sure not to smear!
Aurora borealis
Subtle yet powerful, these nails look like the Tigers Eye of the cosmos. The holographic effect of the star stickers gives even more of an intergalactic feel.
Fierce League
There's magic in this Northern Lights nail effect, and it's magnetic! It may require some special materials, but it's more than worth it in the end. A wave of the wand takes this nail look to the next level.
Pastel galaxy
Like rose quartz and sandstone all rolled into one, this pastel galaxy look is the perfect pairing of femininity and the solar system.
Fierce League
You'll want these to last a long time, so gel polish is the best way to go. Gems can be placed anywhere, but make sure to leave space for those swirls to shine through.
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