How to re-create a special effects woodland nymph makeup look

Calling all mythical creature enthusiasts! If the idea of whimsical hair, pointy ears, green eyeshadow and jewels has your inner 5-year-old doing somersaults, then you’ve come to the right place. This DIY makeup look will transform you into an ephemeral woodland nymph. Don’t fret: Just follow the easy makeup tutorial, and you’ll be looking like a fairy princess in the flick of a wand.
You’re in luck, because you probably have most of the items required to complete this fantastical look in your makeup stash. Now all you need is a little bit of time and determination. Grab some sparkles and get ready to throw a gauntlet into the long-lived costume battle of light vs. dark woodland nymphs.
- Long elf ears
- Spirit gum
- Gold cream paint
- Silver cream paint
- Fluffy blending brushes (from small to large)
- Concealer (dark and light shades)
- Matte green and brown eye shadows
- Angled eyeliner brushes
- Gold glitter eye shadow
- Eyebrow brush
- Spoolie
- Green eyeliner
- Mascara
- Peachy blush
- Lip brush
- Green glitter
- Pink lip liner
- Red lipstick
- Bronzer
- Faux eyelashes
- Artificial flowers with leaves
- Scissors
1. Apply a generous amount of the spirit gum with the applicator around the perimeters of your ears. Using your fingers, attach the prosthetic elf ears until they've fully adhered to your skin.
2. Mix the gold and silver cream paint until you achieve a pixie-like glow. Apply the mixture onto the prosthetic elf ears and your face using one of the fluffy blending brushes.
3. Accentuate your cheekbones, nose and forehead by using the concealer to contour those areas with another blending brush. Contouring will make your cheekbones appear more pronounced and your nose and forehead appear smaller. (Use a concealer that is at least two shades darker than your skin tone to achieve the best results.)
4. Add the lighter shade concealer near the rims of your lower lash lines, and blend thoroughly with another clean blending brush. Afterward, use a large blending brush to remove any excess traces of makeup.
5. Swipe the matte brown eye shadow onto your eyelids with the small blending brush. Focus the shade onto the outer corners of your creases. Layer the matte green eye shadow on top – this time, dabbing the hue halfway onto the inner corners of your eyes using the pads of your fingers.
6. Bring the matte green eye shadow down onto the contours of your lower lash lines and blend using the angled eyeliner brush.
7. Add a smidgen of the brown eye shadow near the outer edges of your upper and lower lash lines, and lightly blend for a seamless transition using another angled eyeshadow brush.
8. Pat the gold glitter eye shadow onto the innermost corners of your eyes for added splendor.
9. Use the eyebrow brush to fill in your brows, and use spoolie in an upward motion to create a feathered look.
10. Glide the green eyeliner onto your waterlines, and apply a few coats of mascara onto your upper and lower lashes. Finally, use the large blending brush to swipe the peach blush onto the apples of your cheeks.
11. Grab the angled brush or any blunt tool, and dip it into the darker shade concealer to create a smattering of faux freckles across the bridge of your nose and your cheeks. Afterward, repeat the process by dotting the lighter shade concealer around the same areas. Try lightly patting the pads of your fingers over the faux freckles to create a more natural look.
12. Paint your lips with the pink lip liner but try not to veer too far from your natural lip line. Use the lip brush to layer the red lipstick onto the center of your lips. (Remember, the pink lip liner should still be visible toward the contours of your lips.)
13. Add warmth to your cheeks by dabbing some bronzer onto them with a large blending brush. Emphasize your eyes by adding the set of faux lashes onto your upper lash lines.
14. Using the blending brush, swipe the gold cream paint onto your cheekbones, upper lip area, nose and forehead. You’re only getting started: Proceed by adding more gold cream paint to the center of your lips to really make them shine. Then, spread the same gold cream paint onto the upper part of your prosthetic elf ears.
15. Cut small portions of the leaves and flowers with the scissors, and use the spirit gum to glue them strategically onto both sides of your temples to emphasize an ethereal forest nymph vibe. To make the flowers and leaves pop, use one of the clean brushes to dab gold or silver paint cream around them.
16. Lastly, use the eyeshadow brush to add green glitter onto the creases of your lids. Dab the remaining glitter onto your bottom lip.
Watch out Tinker Bell! There’s a new fairy in town, and she’s here to slay.
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