How to replicate a makeup look from the '60s

If you're feeling a little groovy and want to try your hand at a creative look, nothing beats the sixties. Thanks to supermodel Twiggy, lashes took center stage. False lashes were all the rage, and women wore them not just on top but on the lower lashes as well. Getting one strip right is hard enough, so you'll learn an alternative approach in this tutorial.
Bright colors such as sky blue made eyes really stand out. And that cut crease you've been seeing all over YouTube? It was popular in the 1960s as well. In this hip tutorial, you'll learn how to create that deep, flawless crease while giving your eyes a doll-eyed makeover. A neutral pink lip rounds out the look, so find that vibrant blue shadow you've been dying to try and get ready to revisit this mod look.
- Matte taupe or gray eye shadow
- Matte black eye shadow
- Shader eye shadow brush
- Liquid concealer
- Flat concealer brush
- Matte bright blue eye shadow
- Black liquid eye liner
- White eye pencil
- Contour brush
- Matte bronzer
- Matte pink blush
- Baby pink lipstick
- Nude lipstick
1. Begin by defining your crease with the taupe or gray eye shadow.
2. Next, deepen the effect by applying matte black eye shadow on top with the shader brush. Take your time. You want to deepen the color but not make it too dark.
3. It's time to prep the lid. Using the flat concealer brush, pat liquid concealer onto the lid to get that defined half-moon shape.
4. Use the shader brush again to pat the bright blue eye shadow onto the lid.
5. Next, it's time to line those gorgeous eyes. Use the liquid eye liner to create definition as close to the upper lashes as possible.
6. To open the eyes, apply white eye liner on your lower water line, and draw a darker line below it with the liquid liner.
7. Fake the look of lower lashes by drawing individual lashes below your lower water line with the liquid liner. Take your time. You want these "lashes" to look as thin as possible.
8. It's time to warm up your face. Grab the contour brush and apply bronzer below your cheekbones, on the sides of your nose and onto your forehead.
9. No look would be complete without a pop of pink on the cheeks, so apply some matte pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.
10. To finish off the look, apply a layer of baby pink lipstick to your lips and top it off with nude lipstick to mute it just a bit.
Welcome to the 1960s, baby!
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