Master these 5+ winter makeup looks by following these tutorials

Baby, it's cold outside -- but your face shouldn't look cold, pale and dull! Select makeup looks that compliment your features. Select from shades of brown, grey, gold and green to warm up eyes and fire up the holidays.
Dress up lips with cranberry sweetness and rich satin red to add some sass to your overall look. Alternately, you can soften up your look with halo glitter eyes. Whatever your end goal, always aim to look warm and approachable.
With so many options to choose from, here are fivve winter makeup looks that are classy and timeless.
1. Forest green smokey eye
This is a fun winter alternative to the black smokey eye look. Prepare eyes by applying a neutral warm color to lids. Apply dark eyeshadow to the crease, then use a flat eyeshadow brush to apply forest green eyeshadow to the eyelid.
2. Bright eyes
The winter months may make you feel sluggish, but you should always look ready to go. Make eyes a focal point by lightly lining the eyes with dark eyeliner. Use a brown or black mascara to make eyes appear larger and brighter.
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3. Radiant complexion
Gone are the days of summer, and your pale skin shows it. Use contour to accentuate features that may otherwise look pale and less prominent without a tan. Work on cheekbones to give the face a warm, healthy look.
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4. Glitter halo eye
Achieve angelic-looking eyes this winter with this glitter halo effect. Pair matte charcoal grey eyeshadow with liquid glitter. Use black eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.
5. Natural eyebrows
Some women tend to stop grooming themselves in the winter. Don't let eyebrows grow unruly. For neat-looking eyebrows, apply aloe vera gel with a cotton swab or mascara wand. Avoid coloring eyebrows. Eyebrows should look natural; they should never look as if they've been painted on your face.
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6. Healthy lips
Nobody wants lips that look chapped and weathered in the winter. Keep your lips looking full and healthy. Always trace the lips with lip liner prior to applying lipstick. Select a lipstick that matches the color of your lip liner. Apply lip balm or gloss to keep lips healthy and moist.
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7. Gold eyes and red lips
Add a touch of glamour and glitz for warmth and richness. Pair a deep brown eyeshadow with a gold eyeshadow. Make the eye a focal point by applying black eyeshadow in a "V" shape to the outer corner of eye. Choose a red satin finish lipstick to draw attention to the lips.
8. Lovely lashes
The winter months are a time for formal gatherings and holiday parties. If you really want to impress, you should always look your best. Draw attention to your eyes with false lashes, but never apply faux eyelashes prior to customizing them. To customize lashes, snip a few bundles off of each end of the lash. Glue the snipped sections to the intact section. The goal is to achieve the look of fullness.
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9. Winter Foundation
Unless you've kept up with your tan, your skin is likely paler in color this winter. Your cheeks may look red from having the wind slap you in the face, and your skin may look dry and patchy. Not exactly an attractive look. To achieve a natural, flawless look, mix hydrating primer with foundation. Apply the foundation with a blush brush.
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10. Berry eyes and berry lips
Warm and flirty, berry eyes and lips are vibrant. The cranberry color looks best when it surrounds the eye. A light shimmering pink color added as an inner highlight to the eye compliments the look. Make lips pop with bright fuchsia lip liner and gloss.
11. Warm eyes
If eyes are the window to the soul, let the sun shine in. Use an orange shade of eyeshadow to add warmth to an otherwise pale complexion. Use a fluffy brush to apply eyeshadow to the crease, and use a small flat brush to apply eyeshadow to the lid.
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12. Winter blush
What color do your cheeks turn when you blush? Not peach. Not light pink. Put away the summer blushes and opt for something more natural. Choose a flush-color blush to add warmth and happiness to your face. Apply blush with a fan brush.
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13. Deep teal smokey eye
A perfect look for a night out. Layer deep brown and grey tones to the eyelid. Blend to diffuse. Finish with matte teal eyeshadow on the lid and lower lash line.

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