12+ special effects makeup looks so good, you won't be recognized

Prosthetic props and quality makeup are a must when creating believable characters. Special effects makeup can easily transform anyone into an elf, cat, caveman, clown or even a zombie. Have plenty of sponges and brushes available for numerous techniques.
Liquid adhesive and latex play an important role in creating characters with special effects makeup. Use plastic utensils to gouge latex for the appearance of injuries and scars, prior to applying makeup. Choose accessories such as wigs, eyelashes and jewelry to complete the look of each character.
Have fun experimenting with special effects makeup when you create one of the following characters.
1. Elf
Bright eyes, long ears and a pointy little nose, no elf look is complete without a wig. Apply silicone elf ears with liquid adhesive. Use nose and scar wax to mold the elf nose. Bring attention to eyes with the use of contact lenses and bright eyeshadow.
2. Female boxer
Beautiful but rough around the edges, the female boxer look includes bruises, cuts and worn knuckles to prove she means business. Create bruises on eyes, cheeks and knuckles with red, purple and yellow makeup. Adhere nose and scar wax to the face, then gouge the wax for a wound or scar effect.
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3. Caveman
Dirty and aged, the caveman has red and purple makeup above his cheekbones. His eyes appear sunken. His hair looks wild and matted. Achieve the look by applying shampoo to selections of a long, brown wig. Twist the hair between fingers to give it a matted look. Cut strips of hair from the wig and apply them to the face with liquid adhesive. Create eyebrows, a beard and a long mustache.
4. Woodland nymph
Natural and cute, the woodland nymph's eyes are bright and highlighted with green and yellow eyeshadow. Her cheeks feature freckles, and her hair sits on both sides of long, silicone prosthetic ears. Makeup is applied to the ears and face to create an even, blended skin tone.
5. Sugar skull
La Catrina Muerte, or the "Dame of Death," is the name often associated with the sugar skull look. To achieve this look, sponge the entire face with white makeup. Use black grease makeup to paint the tip and bottom of the nose; use the same black makeup to create faux eyesockets. Brush vibrant colors in floral designs around the eye sockets and on the chin.
6. Sally doll
Jack's lovely companion, Sally flaunts blue skin and a patchwork stitched dress. To get the effect, sponge the face, neck, arms and hands with blue, smudge-proof creme makeup. If legs are exposed, cover the visible parts of legs in blue makeup too. Use a black face-paint stick to create stitches around the face, neck, arms and legs.
7. Zombie
A little bit of clear liquid latex and charred ash powder goes a long way when you're working with the undead. Add depth and texture to the zombie face with special effects makeup in an array of earthy colors. Complete the zombie effect with rotten, blood-stained, decaying teeth.
8. Devil
Rather than wear the traditional red horns that rest on top of the head, opt for devil horns that use special effects makeup. Use spirit gum to attach prosthetic devil horns to the forehead. Apply red makeup or flesh-colored makeup to the horns and face.
9. Mad Hatter
The only thing wackier than the mad hatter is his makeup and eyebrows! To recapture the look, snip hair from an orange wig. Use liquid adhesive to apply faux eyebrows. Use a flat brush to apply pink, blue and purple eyeshadow. Brush pink eyeshadow from the lower lid to the corner of the nose, then swipe the brush downward to accentuate nose and make eyes appear closer together.
10. Vampire
A temptress of seduction, this vampire has useful instructions for perfectly arched eyebrows. Pair this character's special effects makeup with a black wig, red eyes and vampire teeth. Watch out for her bite!
11. Crow
Recapturing the look of Brandon Lee's character "The Crow" is fairly simple, but symmetry is everything when duplicating this character's look. Use a black paint stick to draw a circle around each eye. Paint lines above and below the center of each black circle. Trace lips black, then drag the paint stick outward about an inch, from the corner of the mouth towards the ear.
12. Native American chief
With the top half of his face painted blue and tribal paint smeared across his cheeks, this Native American chief looks like the real deal. Use special effects makeup, such as a black, creamy, high-impact pigment, to create a symbol on the chest. Complete the look with a chief headdress.
13. Cat
Purr with content when you achieve the perfect cat-eye effect. To duplicate the look of this cat, use liquid eyeliner, black and white paint, some concealer and highlighter. Use a very fine brush to create whiskers and outline lips.

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