How to replicate a makeup look from the '20s

Makeup has changed immensely through the ages. Some wear it to conceal little imperfections, whereas others use it as a form of personal style. Although some decades fade away quietly, the 1920s seem omnipresent, thanks in part to the beautiful and unmistakable look of the glamorous, confident flappers.
If you love color and a smokey eye, it's time to revisit this gorgeous trend. The look is both vibrant and playful with berry tones taking center stage. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a gorgeous multi-hued eye and how to pull it all together by using similar shades on the cheeks and lips. Even though you probably won't make this a daytime look, it's worth playing with for a fun night out with friends.
Ready to rock the Roaring Twenties? Let's get started!
- Matte maroon or burgundy eye shadow
- Creamy black eye liner pencil
- Flat eye shadow brush
- Matte black eye shadow
- Blending brush
- Peacock blue shimmer or metallic eye shadow
- Brow pencil or pomade matching your hair (or wig) color
- Mascara
- Foundation
- Foundation brush or beauty sponge
- Berry-toned blush
- Berry lip liner
- Liquid concealer
- Berry liquid lipstick
1. Apply maroon eye shadow to the crease of your eye.
2. Next, apply the black eye pencil to your lids with a flat eye shadow brush. This will make the shadow more intense and will help it adhere.
3. Apply matte black eye shadow on top of the lid, blending the edges with a blending brush.
4. Darken your water line with the black liner. This is going to be one very smokey look.
5. Top off your lid with shimmery peacock blue, then darken the inner and outer corners with more matte black shadow.
6. Darken and define your brows with brow pencil or pomade.
7. Apply two to three coats of black mascara to your lashes.
8. Now it's time for base makeup. Apply a full coverage foundation with a makeup brush or beauty sponge.
9. Give cheeks a rosy glow with some berry-toned blush.
10. Last, but not least, underline your lips with berry lip pencil. Dab some
concealer on the corners to make lips look more round, and top off your lips with berry liquid lipstick
Now take your gorgeous self out for a night to remember. ​
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