How to do watercolor flowers on your nails

Nail polish is likely your go-to product when it comes to decorating nails, but did you know that watercolor paints work just as well? The best thing about watercolor paints is that they do most of the work for you. Just paint on the desired shapes and the paint itself fades and drips to give an artistic flair to the design.
Ready to try something new? Move your nail polish to the side, get some watercolor paints and check out this tutorial and instructions. By using watercolor paints to create these nails, you get flowers that look extra delicate and pretty.
- Light brown nail polish
- Nail buffer
- Watercolor paints
- Nail polish brush
- Top coat
1. Apply light brown nail polish onto all nails and allow the polish to dry.
2. Buff the surface of each nail until rough.
3. Paint flowers onto each nail using watercolor paints and a thin nail polish brush. Vary the number of flowers on each nail.
4. Allow the watercolor paint to dry.
5. Apply a nail polish top coat over the whole nail to seal in the design. Allow the top coat to dry.