How to do a peony nail design

Watercolor paints are an easy way to add an interesting touch to an otherwise simple manicure. The soft and faded look of the watercolor gives the peonies a romantic and elegant appearance. You can even control the amount of fade by adding more water.
The neat thing about this design is that it uses the base color as part of the flower. This means there is no need to layer on two different color polishes to create the peony. Once the flower is finished, don't forget to add the leaves. The green makes the whole design really pop!
- Light brown nail polish
- Nail buffer
- Watercolor paints
- Nail polish brush
- Water
- Top coat
1. Apply light brown nail polish onto all nails and allow the polish to dry.
2. Buff the surface of each nail until rough.
3. Mix watercolor paints together to create a color of your liking using a nail polish brush.
4. Paint one peony onto each nail using the watercolor paint mixed in step 3.
5. Add additional water to the peonies to give them a bolder watercolor effect if necessary.
6. Paint one to two leaves next to each peony using green nail polish.
7. Allow the watercolor paint to dry.
8. Apply a nail polish top coat over the whole nail to seal in the design. Allow the top coat to dry.
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