How to do a daisy nail design

Nail art doesn't have to be overly difficult or complex to make a statement. The daisies in this nail design are a good example, as they are both beyond simple as well as charming. All you have to do is draw lines with a dotting tool to create them, making this an ideal design to someone new to nail art.
Even though the daisies themselves look simple, the addition of a rhinestone center adds sparkle and interest. Paired with a light pink base coat, these nails will be a girly addition to any outfit.
- Light pink nail polish
- White nail polish
- Dotting tool
- Base coat nail polish
- Gold rhinestones
- Top coat nail polish
1. Paint light pink nail polish onto all nails and allow the polish to dry.
2. Paint a daisy onto the middle of each nail using white nail polish and a dotting tool. Allow the polish to dry.
3. Add a dot of base coat nail polish to the center of each flower with a dotting tool. This will act as a glue to hold the rhinestone in place.
4. Place a rhinestone in the center of each flower. Use the dotting tool to help guide each rhinestone into place.
5. Paint a nail polish top coat over the whole nail to seal in the design. Allow the top coat to dry.
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