How to do a donut nail design

Plain old polish gets boring, and if you find yourself fantasizing about biting into a fresh, warm, fluffy donut piled with creamy pink frosting and colorful sprinkles, you may want to skip the extra sugar and opt for the next best thing: a donut-inspired manicure.
You don't have to be a nail artist or a professional to achieve a cute manicure that will garner compliments from fellow foodies and sugar lovers everywhere you go. This is an easy DIY project, and everyone from little girls on up will love these painted-on, glossy treats.
- Nail file
- Cuticle stick
- Clippers
- Base and top coat
- Light brown or tan nail polish
- Various colors of polish, including purple, blue, pink and white
-Dotting tool
- Small brush for details or nail art pens in various colors
1. Clean your nails and hands and use clippers, a file and a cuticle stick to smooth nails and shape them as you desire to provide just the right canvas for the nail art.
2. Apply a clear base coat and let it dry. This gives polish something to cling to, ensuring a longer-lasting manicure and creating a glossy background to make donut designs really pop.
3. Carefully paint a circle in light brown polish on each nail that takes up almost half of each nail. The top of the donut will be the curve of your fingernail, and the bottom should curve roughly less than halfway down the center of your nail.
4. Once the polish donut base is dry, use different colors to carefully paint donut icing onto each nail. You may want to use a smaller brush because you still want the brown edges of each donut to show. Allow the colors to dry.
5. Using an extremely small brush, dotting tool or nail art pens, dot sprinkles, dots, zigzags and other finishing touches onto each donut. Make each fingernail different for a more interesting manicure.
6. Top the manicure off with a clear top coat to seal it. This will reduce the risk of scratches and help the polish last longer.