12+ beauty mistakes you may be making but should be avoiding

Applying makeup should be a no-brainer, right? But if you've ever gotten overzealous with tweezers and ended up with faux eyebrows that were too thick, too dark, or even worse, angry looking, you know beauty mistakes happen to the best of us. From clown-like lips to smokey eyes that resemble those of a raccoon, we've compiled an assortment of beauty mistakes to avoid.
While highlighting a nose or contouring a cheek bone, stop and think about the effect it will have on your face. Remember, makeup is used to highlight and accentuate features. If the illusion of an elongated nose or eyes that appear closer together doesn't appeal to you, use these makeup tips to avoid beauty mistakes.
Drinking too little water
No makeup product is going to substitute for drinking water. If your body is dehydrated, it doesn't matter how much moisturizer you use. It's recommended you drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Try out a bottle with time labels to help you remember throughout your day.
Skipping eye cream
Another common mistake is to treat the skin near your eyes the same as the rest of your face. The skin near your eyes is thinner and more delicate and thus a more intense hydration moisturizer like an eye cream is best.
Falling asleep with makeup on
Sleeping in your makeup promotes clogged pores and breakouts. Remove makeup at night to avoid a bacterial breeding ground. Washing your face before bed removes dirt and oil trapped in pores.
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Skipping primer
To ensure makeup lasts and looks smooth, always apply primer. Primer comes in the form of cream, gel or powder. When applied to the skin, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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Mistakes you are making with eyeshadow
Steer clear of shimmery colors and textures that are outdated and do not flatter eyes. Choose matte colors to compliment features. Do not apply eyeshadow too close to the nose or too high toward the brow. Eyeshadow can change the look of your face. Proper application is essential to symmetry. Get the full tutorial here.
Shaving or thinning eyebrows
Thin, stubbly and patchy eyebrows look terrible. To control unruly eyebrows, apply aloe vera in a sweeping motion. The aloe holds the hair in place and gives the appearance of a neat, full eyebrow.
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Using dirty makeup brushes
Not only do dirty makeup brushes perform poorly, but they hold oil and bacteria. Regularly clean brushes with 1-part apple cider vinegar to 1-part dish soap. Swish the brush around in the solution, rinse, and set to dry.
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Mistakes you are making when contouring
Select a contour color that isn't too dark to avoid the appearance of brown streaks on your face. Similarly, avoid application of dark contour to the jaw line; a shadow will give the appearance of facial hair. Carefully contour the nose to avoid the appearance of a nose that's too narrow or too wide. Get the full tutorial here.
Smearing liquid eyeliner
Resist the urge to blink while applying liquid eyeliner. One blink is all it takes to smudge eyeliner all over your top lid. The trick? Tilt your head back while holding a mirror below your face. Focus on the mirror while applying eyeliner.
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Using the wrong brush for eyeshadow
Using the wrong brush will give uneven coverage. Only use a flat eyeshadow brush on the lid. Apply a primer to the lid prior to application of the color.
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Mistakes you are making with highlighter
If you don't want to look oily or sweaty, avoid highlight under the eyes. Add a little highlight to the tip of your nose for some glow. On the contrary, don't apply highlight too dark; highlight appears blue when applied heavily. Get the full tutorial here.
Overdoing the glitter
Wear glitter on your eyes without looking like you're heading to the club. Avoid bright-colored eyeshadow prior to the application of glitter. Brighten and accentuate eyes by pairing a neutral matte eyeshadow with a liquid glitter.
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Eyelash mistakes
Applied as they come in the package, false eyelashes look awkward, flaired and fake. Create fullness and length by customizing false lashes. Trim as necessary and layer. Lashes should appear uniform.
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Common lip mistakes
Apply lipstick with a liner or brush to avoid uneven lips. Apply liner first, then fill in with lipstick. Overdrawn lips can often look unflattering and clown-like. Do not exaggerate the size and shape of your lips too much. Get the full tutorial here.
Mistakes you are making with your eyebrows
Eyebrows should always appear close to the color of natural hair. Don't color eyebrows too dark; they look unnatural. Always blend concealer applied around the eyebrow. Get the full tutorial here.