How to use an eye shadow blending brush

So you have a blending brush in your kit but aren't sure how to use it. Don't worry – the blending brush is a valuable tool for a beautifully applied eye shadow application and this video tutorial will make sure you know how to use it. The blending brush is effective for parts of your eye shadow application that the flat eye shadow brush can't accomplish:namely, blending.
Blending is crucial for shadowy areas in your eye, as as the crease. Adding product here and blending out creates a natural-looking shadow that makes your eyes pop. Watch this short video to learn the tricks to the application.
- Priming matte eye shadow color
- Blending brush
-E yeshadow palette
1. Apply a matte eye shadow color all over your eyelid. One shade lighter than your skin tone is good.
2. Take a light peachy tone and work it into the crease and onto your browbone.
3. Next, take a warm orangey tone one shade deeper and work into crease below your brow bone, blending in wide sweeps.
4. Add an additional punch to your eye shadow with a darker tone. Apply it to the crease as well, blending with small windshield wiper motions and small circles.
The blending brush works well for picking up product and creating a subtle, soft definition to your eye. Voila! Mystery solved.
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