20+ surprising makeup hacks that will change your life forever

It turns out you don't need to spend hours in front of a mirror to perfect your makeup or spond more than you should. The following list is a compilation of the best makeup hacks and tips out there to make the process simpler but still effective.
1. Use powder on lashes to lengthen them
Thin, skimpy lashes got you down? Using mascara by itself, coat after coat, is only going to lead to one thing – clumps. To learn how to add a bit of volume and length to those lashes, try powder. Powder works to thicken and lengthen lashes when applied in between coats. Tip: You need to work quickly to make sure the powder adheres to the first coat, so you may want to put powder in a small dish before starting.
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2. Prevent clumps
Clumpy mascara is not a good look for anyone. Prevent clumps before they even start with this amazing hack that calls for just a cup of hot water. Simply place the mascara into a cup of water and let it sit for a few minutes.
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3. A transition shade can change your eyeshadow game
If there is any makeup technique that is a game changer any time, it's the art of blending. With this little bit of know-how, your eye makeup will look professionally applied. Not everyone, however, knows how to master this trick. Learn how in the video below.
4. Use tape to create the perfect winged eyeliner
Tape may have to be a new staple in your makeup drawer. Take a piece of clear tape and angle it upward across your eye like the picture below, and see how it can act as the perfect way to trace a winged eyeliner.
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5. Use a Q-tip to fix mascara mistakes
Applying mascara requires a steady hand, and no matter how long you've been doing makeup, you can still make a mistake. The trouble, though, is not the mistake itself but how to remove it without wiping off the rest of your eye makeup. Try using a Q-tip to work on the coverup like the image below. Tip: Make sure the mascara has fully dried before attempting the fix.
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6. Instead of traditional lipstick, try a lip stain for amping up color
The benefit of using a lip stain is that lip stains can enhance your natural lip color and be long-wearing at the same time. Plus, as demonstrated in this video, stains won't rub off as easily, especially if you are kissing your significant other.
7. Draw two lines down the sides of your nose when contouring
Use a darker shade (to your skin tone) when using this technique. You'll want to take a brush and a cream contouring color (generally more blendable), and draw two lines down the bridge of your nose, as shown below. Next, take another larger brush to blend this color out for the perfect nose contour. This creates the effect of a longer, more defined nose.
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8. Faking fuller lips without lip injections
The key to faking fuller lips lies in carefully pairing products. The tutorial video features peachy pinks that border on nude because pale shades automatically make your lips look a bit more plump (the exact opposite of dark shades). You'll need four products to create this look, and the lip liner will be the darkest. Get the full tutorial here.
9. Correcting dark circles under eyes with lipstick
This one's a little out there, but if you're dealing with dark under-eye circles, then anything's worth trying at least once. The key is putting the right amount of concealer over the lipstick. Get the full tutorial here.
10. Make any lipstick matte with translucent powder
Apply a single coat of your favorite lipstick. Hold a tissue against your lips but don't press. You want the powder to sift through the tissue and stick to your lips. Dip the fluffy brush into the loose powder. Gently brush the powder against the tissue in a left to right motion. Don't be stingy, either. You want to fully coat your lips to get a matte effect. Carefully remove the tissue and admire your gorgeous lips. The gloss is gone, but the color stays behind. Check out the effect in the picture below.
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11. Draw the "flick" first when applying eyeliner
This picture below encourages anyone new to the winged look to draw the "flick" first. Once that line is drawn, the rest falls into place.
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12. Draw a hashtag for a quick smoky eye
This technique for creating the smoky eye look is definitely going viral, but is it a hack or whack? This particular trick gets put to the test in this video. You might be surprised by the results.
13. Add highlighter to make any lip metallic
To do this technique, simply scrape some of your highlighter powder, and mix it up with your lipstick. Feel free to use a less expensive highlighter to create this effect. This hack is easy to do and creates the perfect way to transition your lip shade from morning to night.
14. Make a sheet skincare mask at home
Forget spending a fortune on a skincare sheet. Making custom sheet masks at home is pretty simple and only requires a few items. You'll need compressed sheet masks (also known as coin masks). These are often made with dehydrated cotton that you soak in your choice of liquid to create a wet mask. If you can't find them in a nearby store, go online. They're very cheap. This particular recipe contains ingredients that are moisturizing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Get the full tutorial here.
15. Dunking your face in cold water for longer-lasting makeup
This trick is bizarre but it works. Essentially you'll want to put on foundation and concealer. Next, you'll want to seal your face and makeup with baby powder. Lastly, dunk your face in cold water for 30 seconds before applying the rest of your makeup. The cold water washes off the baby powder but locks in the foundation and concealer.
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16. How to give yourself a facelift using contour and highlight
If you're feeling a little down or just looking like the world is dragging you there, faking a facelift is as easy as contouring. The difference between standard contouring and contouring to create a lifted appearance depends on where you put your colors. You can use your regular contour palette for this look because you'll simply be placing colors a bit higher than normal. Get the full tutorial here.
17. Warm up the eye curler ahead of time
Love the effect you get from an eyelash curler but hate how it doesn't last long? Try using a hair dryer to warm up the eyelash curler before use.
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18. Bend your mascara brush for a more controlled application
A straight mascara brush can inhibit your ability to really get in there. Instead, try the technique below, which show how much easier it is to apply mascara with a bent brush. Get the full tutorial here.
19. How to create natural-looking faux freckles
If you've tried applying faux freckles with an eyeliner pencil or even eyeshadow, it can be difficult to get a realistic shape. This tutorial that uses, of all things, a mascara wand and self tanner to achieve a perfectly imperfect look. This sunless freckling technique requires just a few steps, so check out the tutorial and get your freckle on.
20. Awaken tired eyes
If late-night activities are making you look a little less than well-rested, these tips will help. In this video, you'll get advice for not only depuffing your eyes, but you'll also learn a nifty trick for keeping the under-eye area hydrated and concealed. The eye mask is also a favorite, so keep one chilled in the fridge for quick results.
21. Line your lower waterline in white or nude
Lining your eyes with dark liner can make them not only look smaller but also more tired. If you didn't get 40 winks, sweep a white or nude liner along your lower waterline. Your eyes will instantly look brighter. See the effect on the left eye in the picture below.
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22. Never use liquid liner below your eyes
You've got a beautiful liner in your makeup bag, but it's simply too wet and intense for using anywhere other than your upper lid. Limit its use to that area. It's better to use an eyeliner pencil below your eyes. See the difference in the picture below, where the left was liquid eyeliner use whereas the right side was an eyeliner pencil.
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23. Try mood-changing lipstick for a colorful, long-lasting lip
These fantastical lippies are not only colorful, but they're also long-lasting. Once the stain sets, it's fairly budge-resistant and won't transfer onto your coffee mug or your sweetie's cheek. To see how different colors transform, check out this video. It was amazing how long they remained vivid on the lips when put through a lip scrub test.
24. Apply concealer in a triangle shape for a brighter face
To get an even brighter face, a triangle shape application of concealer is best. In the picture below, because the concealer shade is lighter than the model's skin tone, when it gets blended out, it acts a highlighter, in addition to a coverup.
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25. Use highlighter for fuller lips
Use white highlighter in the center of your lips, being sure not to forget outlining your cupid's bow. When light hits these spots, it will make your mouth appear fuller.
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26. Make your own illuminating spray to freshen your face
An illuminating spray that's both shimmery, relaxing, and cheap? Yes please. This DIY lavender illuminating spray adds a fresh, dewy highlight to skin, a soothing scent and is very easy to make. Fun fact: Lavender essential oil also helps a lot of people relieve headaches. Talk about a powerful makeup tool. Watch this short video to learn how to create your own.
27. Accentuate your collarbone
For a must-have summer look, put some shimmer on those shoulders. This look works well for off-the-shoulder fashion. With a quick contour and highlight, a glitter application on the high points of shoulders and collarbone can create the ideal glow. See how the left side is more pronounced than the right in the picture below.
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28. Five-minute everyday look
If you wake up and look like the girl on the left, this video is for you. In just five minutes, you can get ready and out the door. This look works well for going to school, work or seeing friends.
29. Pick the right priming product to avoid cakey foundation
Depending on your skin type, you may want to use a silicone-based primer or a priming water or spray. Check out the video to find out which one to use.
30. Brighten eyes in five easy steps
When eyes need a little pick-me-up, it's time to pull out all the stops. There are so many ways to draw attention to your eyes, so this video includes not one or two tips but five. Any single step on its own will make a difference, but if you put them all together, your eyes will definitely shine. You'll want to pin this one for safe keeping because you never know when a little brightness will come in handy.

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