7+ tips on K-beauty and why it's going viral

When it comes to creative ingredients (hello snail slime), superhero sheet masks and cutting-edge cosmetics, Korean beauty, or K-beauty, has all the bases covered. What's so new and special about this genre? For starters, it doesn't even attempt to sell a one-size-fits-all routine.
K-beauty fans look to innovative manufacturers for products that truly deliver, whether it be fun or full-on skincare effects, so if the recent additions to store shelves have you wondering if there's anything truly missing from your life, keep reading. Multitasking products and unique beauty tools are just some of the things that make this trend worth trying.
K-beauty lip, cheek and bronzer tint
There's no heavy, cakey makeup anywhere in sight. K-beauty tints are all about sheer, breathable color and coverage.
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Makeup should enhance your face – not hide it. In K-beauty, color cosmetics are known as point makeup and are sheer, lightweight, breathable and easy to apply even for beginners. The "tint" tutorial below shows just how versatile these multitasking liquids truly are. Lip, cheek and even contour tints pull double duty while being wallet-friendly and wearable for all ages.
Two-in-one K-beauty makeup products save space
Lighten up your makeup bag with a K-beauty two-in-one color corrector or contour stick.
Scare away skincare woes with a K-beauty eye mask
Brighten, hydrate and soothe your cheeks and under eye area with a cute K-beauty mask. Boo!
Grab a soothing, healing K-beauty snail cream
Hop on the snail train with this cult favorite (and super cheap) lightweight gel cream.
Hack or wack? K-beauty complexion tools
A beauty sponge that does the work at the touch of a button? Do tell.
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Over the years, makeup tools have certainly changed. Fingers and brushes were once the applicators of choice, but the K-beauty movement has brought the pat-pat-pat motion to a new level. Check out this tutorial to see an innovative tool in action. Will it pass the "hack or wack" test? Watch and find out.
K-beauty exfoliation and blackhead removal treatment
Toss out those ancient pore strips and say bye-bye to blackheads and hello to softer, smoother skin.
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What's new about exfoliating? The K-beauty approach is all about saving your skin while banishing blackheads. Skip the harsh scrub and watch the following video. The multistep approach is shorter than it looks, and the end result will refine those pores, soften that dry skin and leave your face looking happy and healthy.
Depuff your face and eyes with K-beauty
Kittens, pandas and polar bears? These beauty products aren't just cute; they're perfect for a mini spa treatment.
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Feeling a little puffy or less than perfect? K-beauty has everything needed to quickly hydrate your skin and depuff your eyes. This tutorial features everything from steam to gel cream, which allows skin to drink in moisture and glow from the inside out. Tip: Be sure to watch for an extra soothing tip regarding treating the eye area.

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