Hack or wack? Peel-off lip stain

When it comes to innovative ways to make lip color last, you have to give a lot of credit to the Korean beauty trend. Lip stains have taken the beauty market by storm, but you may be wondering if they're worth the money. Tests run on a few made their popularity more clear.
The first thing you should know about these lip stains is that you need to use quite a bit of product to get a good result. These go on wet, and you peel them off once they're dry. If you don't put on a thick enough layer, you'll be digging it out of the cracks of your lips, which isn't going to yield a good result. Watch the quick video to see how to best apply the product and how to peel it off. You'll want to give them a try after seeing these results.
- Peel-off lip stain in your choice of colors, preferably from Berrisom
- Lip brush or disposable lip gloss wand
1. Begin by making sure you've exfoliated your lips. The stain will enhance any flakes, so it's best to start with a smooth surface.
2. Apply the stain to your lip brush or lip gloss wand. This will give you better control than if you try applying it straight from the tube.
3. Carefully apply the stain in a fairly thick layer to your lips. Don't worry about the color right now. It's much darker when wet.
4. While waiting for the product to dry, try not to press your lips together. You want to make sure each lip is fully coated. (Most lip stains taste, well, dreadful, so try not to get it in your mouth.)
5. Once the product has set, gently peel it off by starting at the outer corner and working inward.
6. Clean up any messy edges with a pointy cotton bud or folded makeup wipe.
Now, all you need is gloss (if that). The color should last for several hours without transferring to a straw, cup, or sweetheart.
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