Rock a sparkly manicure with these 7+ silver styles

Winter nail designs are always darker than the rest of the year, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Cranberry, forest green and every shade in between benefits from a touch of silver. Be it nail accents, metallic paint or even foil, these designs catch the light and attract attention.
Each of the following video tutorials features a silver accent to brighten up bleak winter days. Paint just the tip or encrust an entire nail with glitter, foil or gems. There are a lot of options to choose from, so pick a style that suits your mood and get ready to shine.
Silver French
Cranberry isn't just for the holiday dinner table. This festive design features a shiny silver metallic tip as well as nail gems for added sparkle. Get the tutorial here.
Silver accent nail
Busy days call for a quick nail art approach. This single black nail with a decorative accent turns a so-so manicure into one that's oh so bold. If adding a touch of glamour to an everyday manicure sounds like too much work, then watch this accent nail tutorial.
Silver nails with lots of bling
When the occasion calls for added sparkle, try this gem-encrusted cranberry manicure with a decked out silver accent nail. This cranberry manicure is anything but ordinary. Some nails feature a single nail gem, whereas others receive the royal treatment. Bejeweled designs require a little extra staying power, so watch the following tutorial to learn which products will keep jewels in place the longest.
Fierce League
Silver and camo
Who says camouflage has to be brown and green? Give red and blue camo nails the metallic treatment with this unique nail design. Camouflage nails come in assorted colors, but this patriotic combination takes the cake. Add a little bling to this camo nail design with two different silver accents for a one-of-a-kind result. The video makes it easy to do, so grab your nail kit and get ready to be inspired.
Silver beach vacation
Dreaming of a warm getaway this winter? This beach-inspired design will satisfy that inner mermaid in no time. This glitzy "Under the Sea" design will turn heads and have people asking, "How did you do that?" Get the tutorial here.
Silver line tape
Silver nail accessories and line tape transform this baby blue manicure into something sophisticated and special. To keep this design soft but still sparkly, incorporate some silver nail accents as well as white and mauve nail paint. The tutorial shows how to apply large nail accents with builder gel, which secures them for longer wear.
Silver foil
Gifts shouldn't be the only things decked out this season. Decorate your nails with flecks of metallic foil and a trio of shiny polish shades to wow your friends and family. Want to know a secret? Get the full tutorial here.

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