7+ splatter nail designs that are just as fun as they are pretty

Nail designs and patterns are definitely an art in themselves, but it's always fun when you can replicate actual art techniques into your manicures. Jackson Pollock may have been most famously known for his splattered paintings, but you can make that technique look just as good on your hands as it would on a canvas. Plus, you'll have fun doing it.
There are quite a few creative splatter styles you could try with different methods of doing them, as well. From blowing out of bendy straws to actually painting the splatters on with brushes, you're sure to turn some heads with any of these looks. For an extra kick, try adding some sequins or glitter.
Neon splatter
There's something undeniably fun about wearing colors. It's a nice change from the usual day-to-day neutrals, and the application process is something you wouldn't find yourself doing in your day-to-day either. That creativity will only make you want to figure out how to achieve this look even more. All you've got to do now is grab a bendy straw, your favorite bright colors and read the tutorial here.
Black and white splatter
Though you don't get the pleasure of blowing color out of a straw and onto your nails, using a striper brush can be just as effective. As you can see with this black and white splatter style, using a brush to apply your splotches allows you to place them wherever you want. You can even have an underlying background pattern (shown on the index finger here) to add some artistic accents. Read through the tutorial for this look here.
Pastel splatter
Pastel colors are perfect for springtime. Just because it's still winter doesn't mean we can't dream of blooming flowers and milder weather. If you want to use a lot of color in your next nail look but aren't really into the eye-catching brightness of more vibrant colors, this is a good subdued substitute. Get the tutorial here.
Gold splatter
Glitter and gold together give off an upbeat party vibe, and so do these nails. They're less about paint splatter and more about bursts of sequins and sparkles that complement the minimal black-and-white-striped backdrop well. This look has "good time" written all over it and would be ideal for a night out on the town. See how to get this look by viewing the tutorial here.
Silver splatter
Here's another style that's as much fun to look at as it is to paint. You get to choose how light or dark you want the gray hue to be by mixing the way you like. You're also creating a shimmering animal print with the glitter. If you've got some black and white polish, silver glitter and a makeup applicator, you're close to being able to lock down this look. Find out how by viewing the tutorial here.
Watercolor splatter
Since soft pastel hues are coming back into season, it makes perfect sense to figure out a way to rock them. But if you're going for full-blown color coverage, as in the previous soft-hued design, try using the colors as an accentuation. What's even better about this nail design: You get to use actual watercolor paint. Get the tutorial here.
Floral splatter
This manicured nod to the cherry blossom trees has you using watercolors again, but instead, you're using splatters to make the blossoms. Adding little dots of burgundy can give dimension to the flowers, as well. This look is easy to replicate while letting you use your nails as a painted canvas. Find the tutorial here.

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