How to make DIY pink tinted lip oil

Want to moisturize your lips but tired of lip balms and oils with a bunch of scary-sounding chemicals in them? Same. This easy, DIY concoction will smooth and hydrate your lips while adding a touch of color.
All you need is a lipstick in the shade of pink you like, a little heat and an oil to mix with. In a few quick shakes, you'll have a potion to keep your pout perfect all day long.
- Spoon or knife
- Pink lipstick
- Lit candle
- Roller ball bottle
- Carrier oil or citrus-scented oil
1. Remove the tip of the lipstick with the edge of the spoon.
2. Melt the tip of the lipstick by holding the spoon over a candle.
3. Carefully pour the melted lipstick into a roller ball bottle.
4. Fill the rollerball bottle almost to the top with the carrier oil. (The video shows grapeseed oil.)
5. Place the roller in the top of the bottle, put the lid on and shake the ingredients to combine them.
Now you're ready to apply the pink lip oil for maximum hydration with a hint of pink. Tip: You can also use a citrus essential oil instead of grapeseed for a deliciously scented lip balm.
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