How to make woodsy perfume oil

When the day to day stress of your busy life has you daydreaming about a trip to the wilderness, you know you need some serious "me" time. No matter where you are, stress has a way of finding you, but here's a little good news to share. Certain essential oils have aromatherapy benefits that can make your world feel a little more pleasant.
Essential oils are used in aromatherapy. This tutorial shows four different types combined to create your very own woodsy perfume. Frankincense forms the foundation of this blend, and it brings anti-anxiety properties to the mix, along with peppermint oil. To add a few bright, stimulating notes, the mix also includes sweet orange and rosemary oil to balance things out. Ready to relax? Check out the instructions and video below.
- Roller ball bottle
- Eye dropper
- 10 drops frankincense essential oil
- 5 drops sweet orange essential oil
- 3 drops peppermint essential oil
- 2 drops rosemary essential oil
- Carrier oil, such as grapeseed, jojoba, coconut or sweet almond oil
1. Remove the roller ball from the bottle and set it aside.
2. Begin by adding each essential oil with an eye dropper.
3. When all four essential oils are added, fill the bottle with the carrier oil using the eye dropper.
4. Place the roller ball back onto the bottle, making sure it's secure.
5. Recap the bottle and shake to blend.
Sweep the unique fragrance onto your wrists and your neck. Breathe deeply and enjoy!
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