How to make your own DIY glowy tinted moisturizer

Foundation works wonders when it comes to making your skin look more even and flawless, but sometimes you just want something lighter. Tinted moisturizer can fill the bill when all you need is a touch of breathable coverage, but who wants yet another product in their vanity drawer?
DIY tinted moisturizer is quick, easy and, most of all, affordable. Because many of us are sporting that dewy look thanks to the K-beauty trend, this custom tutorial will help you make your own tinted moisturizer for that healthy fresh-faced glowy appearance.
For this "recipe," gather your favorite foundation, moisturizer and highlighting powder and get ready to glow.
- Small bowl
- Foundation
- Moisturizer (preferably in a tube instead of a jar)
- Highlighting powder
- Fork
- Synthetic foundation brush
1. Put a few drops of foundation and moisturizer in a bowl.
2. Scrape a small amount of highlighting powder with a fork into the bowl.
3. Mix thoroughly to make sure there are no lumps and that the products are fully blended.
4. Apply the mixture to your face with a synthetic foundation brush. Begin in the center and work outward. This will give you the most coverage in the middle without harsh lines at your jaw.
That's it! Sheer natural coverage and a glowy sheen.
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