Short hair is so easy to style if you follow these 5+ looks

At a loss when it comes to styling your short hair? A lot of people can relate to that. The good news is you don't have to wear the same style day after day. Change up your look with one of these super easy and cute styles.
The short videos below feature short hair-friendly styles that flatter. From cute braids to elegant waves, you'll find it all. Gather your styling tools and check out the videos to learn how you can create a new look.
Messy beachy waves
Short hair, don't care? Use a rod curling iron to twist up quick just-went-to-the-beach waves. This summer look is a perfect way to style short hair in just a few minutes. The short video provides step-by-step instructions.
Hollywood waves
Need a great going-out style? Get a few clips and make some vintage Hollywood waves. This look will bring out your inner starlet instantly, and the best part is that it's so easy. Watch the quick video to find out how it's done.
Dutch braids
These face-framing Dutch braids are easy to pull off. All you need is your fingers, a simple braiding technique, bobby pins and hair ties. In no time, you'll have a cute crown of braids. Watch this short video to see how they're done.
Fishtail fringe braid
Everyone loves a good fishtail braid. Although this braiding technique can be a little tough to master the first few times, this video show you how to make a flawless fishtail. Adding this beauty in the front of your hair will create a fresh style that everyone will notice.
French braid on one side
Adding a quick braid on one side of your hair creates visual interest and changes up your look. An easy french braid is a perfect casual style that will stay put all day and look super cute. Watch this short video to find out how.

Some days you want to wear your hair down, but the thought of it brushing your face makes you crazy (hopefully, that's not just me).Using your hair to create a fun headband is a simple way to kill two proverbial birds with one hair tie.
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