Trick the eye with these hairstyles that make hair look thicker

Women have been known to go to great lengths to achieve voluminous, flowing tresses. It's no wonder — thick hair is beautiful and captivating. As a result, much time and money are invested into hair treatments or extensions to achieve hair with more body and texture.
If your hair is naturally fine or falling flat, consider trying the following techniques to give it that extra oomph. They're easy to accomplish and won’t cost you a dime!
Throw your hair up with a dry texture knot
A close cousin of the well-loved messy bun, the dry texture knot is a lifesaver. Start at your temples, and pull the upper portion of your hair up and back. Hold with one hand, and twist with the other until a knot has taken shape. Secure with a hair tie. Create volume by combing your fingers through your hair at the crown and gently pulling forward.
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Look California cool with effortless beach waves
While straight hair may look sleek and shiny, it often falls flat when it comes to volume and dimension. Use a curling wand to create loose waves throughout your hair. Start a few inches from your roots, and wrap sections of your hair around the wand while holding onto the tip. Angle the wand so =the waves flow away from your face; don't worry about wrapping the hair all the way to the tips. Leaving the ends straight will add to the beachy aesthetic.
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Chic decorative bun
A favorite of off-duty models, a low decorative bun is low maintenance and chic. Start by ruffling the hair to create volume, and apply a thin layer of hair spray. Now twist your hair into a loose bun at the nape of your neck, and secure it with bobby pins or a fashionable scrunchie. Pull a few pieces loose at the front to frame your face. Don't worry too much about lumps or flyaway strands — the goal is to look natural and unfinished.
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Increase braid thickness with pancake technique
No doubt, pancakes are the best thing to ever hit the breakfast table, but did you know they might also be the secret to amazing hair? After braiding your hair, gently pull at each section of the braid in outward motion so that the pieces lay flat — like a pancake!. The result will be a beautiful, thick braid that adds texture and dimension to your hair.
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Flip your part and then style
If you've parted your hair the same way for years, it's likely your locks have started growing in that direction. Eventually, your hair may appear flat and weighed down. To achieve more volume, try parting your hair against its natural grain. Don't worry about making a perfect part — just flip your hair to the other side, and watch the natural lift that occurs.
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