How to do a French braid on one side

Sometimes you can't go wrong with a classic. French braids are a go-to braid for many people, as they are both simple and gorgeous. The best part? They are very easy to learn and can be mastered in a short amount of time.
Want to see how this classic braid can be upgraded into a modern and pretty look? Check out the instructions and video to get started. By opting for one braid instead of two and pulling out the braid so it appears more full, this style is a fashionable take on an old standby.
- Comb or brush with a tail
- Alligator clips
- Clear elastic
- 2 bobby pins
1. Part your hair on the side. The braid will be made on the side of your head that has the most hair.
2. Section out a portion of hair close to your face using a comb or brush with a tail. This section will not be used in the braid but instead will be left loose.
3. Section out a larger section of hair next to the loose pieces from step 1. Clip all remaining hair, including the pieces from step 1 out of the way using alligator clips.
4. Split the top layer of your hair into three sections.
5. Braid these three sections together by crossing the outer sections over the middle section.
6. Add pieces of hair to the outer sections as you continue to braid using the technique in step 5.
7. Continue step 6 until you reach the ends of your hair. Secure the braid in place with a clear elastic.
8. Place the braid against your head where you want it to stay and pick up a section of hair next to the elastic.
9. Wrap the section of hair from the previous step around the elastic and pin it to the elastic to help the braid stay in place.
10. Add an additional bobby pin to the braid, crossing over the bobby pin already in place.
11. Remove the alligator clips.
12. Gently pull on each piece of the braid to give it a fuller look.

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