DIY rose water illuminating spray

If you live or work in a dry environment, your skin probably starts to feel a little tight by midafternoon. Facial mist can be a lifesaver, but some varieties are pretty pricey. If you're strapped for cash or just want to try your hand at making a refreshing spray, this tutorial will show you just how quick and easy it is.
Because mists and sprays are mostly water, you need to use the good stuff. You can use tap water if you wanted to, but it's recommended you use bottled mineral water instead. After all, this product is going on your precious face. The same advice goes for the essential oil you choose. Good-quality essential oils are easy to find in most stores, so take a whiff before you buy to make sure you like the scent.
- Travel-size spray bottle
- Funnel
- Bottled mineral water
- Rose essential oil
- Highlighting powder
- Fork
- Mixing palette (or a plate)
- Loose makeup glitter
1. Insert the funnel into the bottle and fill it almost completely with water.
2. Add five to 10 drops of rose essential oil to the bottle. Put the lid back on and shake to blend the oil and water. Spritz a bit on your hand to test the scent. If you want it to be stronger, add a few more drops of oil.
3. Use the fork to scrape highlighting powder onto your mixing palette, and add it to the bottle along with a few sprinkles of glitter.
4. Screw the spray bottle top on tightly and shake the mixture thoroughly.
That's it! You now have a customized illuminating spray for a fraction of the cost of a store brand. Don't you feel smart?
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