DIY lavender illuminating spray

If you're a fan of setting spray and facial mist, you probably have at least a few different varieties on hand. They can give makeup staying power or refresh dry skin, making it look hydrated and healthy with just a quick spritz. If you're tired of shelling out hard-earned money for the big-name brands, consider creating your own.
Making illuminating spray is really simple. So, if you love a dewy look, then you're going to adore this quick tutorial. This version calls for lavender essential oil because of its soothing scent and skin-friendly properties. To make it really special, add highlighting powder and fine, loose makeup glitter. Get ready to glow.
- Small spray bottle
- Funnel
- Filtered or bottled water
- Lavender essential oil
- Highlighting powder
- Fork
- Makeup mixing palette (or a plate)
- Loose makeup glitter
1. Insert the funnel into the spray bottle and add water until the bottle is about 90 percent full to leave room for the other ingredients.
2. Add six to 10 drops of lavender essential oil to the bottle.
3. Take a fork and gently scrape it against the highlighting powder so the flakes of color fall onto the mixing palette.
4. Reinsert the funnel into the spray bottle and add the highlighting powder along with a small amount of glitter.
5. Screw the spray bottle top on tightly and shake the mixture to combine everything.
Whenever you need to refresh your complexion, just shake up the mist and spritz to your heart’s content. Stay pretty!
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