How to give yourself a facelift using contour and highlight

If you're feeling a little down or just looking like the world is dragging you there, faking a facelift is as easy as contouring. The difference between standard contouring and contouring to create a lifted appearance depends on where you put the colors. You can use your regular contour palette for this look because you'll simply be placing the colors a bit higher than normal.
In this video, you'll see that darker colors recede, creating the illusion of a hollow. If you normally contour below your cheekbone, this technique will be new to you (but not vastly different). Get your contour palette and a couple of makeup brushes and get ready to look lifted in minutes.
- Contour/highlight palette with multiple shades
- Contour brush
- Fluffy blending brush
1. Pick up a warm bronze contour shade on the contour brush.
2. Apply the color to the middle or top of your cheekbone. Begin slightly above your ear and apply the color downward diagonally toward your mouth. (The line should be slightly steeper than one you normally add.)
3. Sweep additional color from the temple toward the corner of your forehead.
4. Apply a cooler contour shade parallel to the first one. The cool shade should be more subtle and only extend from mid-cheek (using the outer tail of your brows as a guide) toward your hairline. Option: If your jawline looks a bit saggy, contour there as well.
5. Go back over the contours with the brush and blend thoroughly. There should be no harsh edges.
6. Use the fluffy brush to apply a light highlight above the contour in an upward motion.
7. Take one last look in the mirror and blend again if the edges are too obvious.
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