These are the easiest 5-minute hairstyles for short hair that you need for crazy days

If you need a quick style but are short on both hair length and time, you've come to the right place. These effortless short hairstyles are perfect on the go. They take only a few tools and a few minutes to complete.
From styles such as twists and buns to styling tricks for volume and straightening, these videos show it all. Grab a straightener, combs, hair ties and a few bobby pins to get started. And don't forget the stopwatch.
1. Half-up, half-down twist
With just a few pins, you can create a flattering half-up, half-down do. A gorgeous twist that wraps around your head takes only a few minutes to complete, and bobby pins will hold it in place. Watch this short video to copy the look for yourself.
2. Add volume to short hair
This quick video will walk you through volumizing your hair for a luscious and full look. A volumizing comb works best for this. They're easy to find in drug stores and beauty supply stores and are a must for creating effortless fullness to styles every time.
3. Top knot
Top knots aren't just for long hair. This tutorial will show the best way to grab a cute messy bun for yourself. Top knots are so in and only take five minutes to create. Check out the video to learn the trick for yourself.
4. '90s buns
Is it Throwback Thursday or are these '90s buns just happy to see us? Take a walk down memory lane with this spunky hairstyle that only takes a few minutes to complete. The edgy look is fun, fresh and stylish.
5. Straighten hair
One of the major pros to rocking a short hairstyle? It takes way less time to get a sleek, straightened look. Watch the tutorial on straightening hair in less than five minutes. With all the time you'll save in the morning, you can have an extra cup of coffee.

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