Grab a sponge and copy these nail art designs

If you love nail art but are running short on ideas, it's time to try using a sponge for creating your next manicure. Sponges give you extra control when applying a certain color in a specific location. They also have different textures, which can make it easier to create unique designs.
The following nail tutorials use a variety of sponges, depending on the desired outcome. If you want to deposit a large amount of color, a sponge dauber works great. For ombré designs, an eye shadow applicator applies polish with more precision. Even natural ocean sponges have a use in these manicure styles.
Flame ombré sponge design
For surprisingly realistic flame designs, use jelly polish instead of traditional opaque polish. Jelly colors are translucent, so you can layer different shades to create a realistic effect. Since flames have a golden core, this design layers gold and pink shades to make the fire come alive. Using an eye shadow applicator gives you more control than a standard nail brush, so watch the video before getting started. Get the tutorial here.
Cheeky blush sponge design
You know how you blush spontaneously when you're embarrassed? A sudden burst of color blossoms across your cheeks in a way that's difficult to replicate with makeup. Take a cue from your body's own response system, and create a blushing manicure. By using a makeup applicator sponge, you can layer several shades of pink in a precise location. The finished result is soft, sweet and oh so playful. Get the tutorial here.
Black ombré sponge design
If you've ever watched a night sky transition from black to blue as dawn approaches, then you'll appreciate this sparkly celestial manicure. Building the black ombré is easier when you use a disposable eye shadow applicator sponge. Patting the color on in layers gives you excellent control, and the sparkly top coat and stars make this manicure a showstopper. Get the tutorial here.
Multicolored sponge design
Want a nail design that will work with every outfit in your closet? That's a tall order, but this multicolored sponge design is up to the challenge. A stippling sponge is an artist's staple, and by adding multiple colors of polish to it, you can create a speckled design that suits your every whim. It's best to use no more than two colors at a time when you're applying the design to keep it from looking muddy. Get the tutorial here.
Cow print sponge design
Animal print has always been a fashion favorite, but cow print designs have recently taken the nail world by storm. These cute, irregularly shaped splotches of brown and black are easy to create with the help of an ocean sponge. The porous material prevents the dots from being too pigmented, and the naturally irregular shape ensures your design won't end up looking like polka dots. Get the tutorial here.
Metallic sponge flowers
Tired of pastel flowers in traditional shapes? This manicure combines a black base with metallic foil and abstract partial flowers for a look that's utterly fierce. Instead of trying to paint the perfect flower, concentrate on creating a partial design with elongated petals and a sponge-daubed center. A few metal beads give the manicure dimension. Learn to create this memorable manicure by watching the tutorial here.
Stay pretty!

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