How to open the eyes with individual lashes

Sparse, skimpy lashes got'cha down? Never fear, falsies are here! False lashes make quick work of opening up your eyes and giving you a fluttery fringe. But if you're just starting to experiment with false lashes, the whole strip approach can be pretty tough to master. And if you've ever gotten one strip perfect while the other one just wouldn't adhere, you know the struggle is real.
Thankfully, false lashes also come in individual bundles. Although you can use them to fill in sparse spots as your natural lashes are growing out, they can also be used in clusters to give the center of the eye more fullness. The trick to this approach is waiting for the glue to dry. Watch the short video, gather your supplies, and you'll be ready to create this doll-eyed look in no time.
- One package of individual lashes
- Lash glue
- Tweezers
- Optional: Semipermanent glue and remover
1. With tweezers, pull one individual lash bundle from the case in a downward motion by grasping the middle of the lash. Don't pull from the lash tip because this can break off the delicate fibers.
2. Put a dab of lash glue on a clean surface, and dip the lash base into the glue. Let the glue dry for 15 to 20 seconds, so that it's slightly tacky. (Do not blow on the glue. Just think of all the bacteria you could transfer from your mouth to your eyelid.)
3. Secure the lash in the center of your eyelid close to the natural lash line. If it doesn't set properly, use your fingers to reposition it.
4. Repeat the process with additional lashes until you achieve the desired fullness. The video shows using 10 bunches, but use your judgement and focus on the center, not the outer corner.
5. Repeat the entire process on the other eye.
If you're planning to wear lashes for more than a day or two, use semipermanent glue made specifically for eyelash extensions. And whatever you do, do not pull the lashes out. Instead, use the lash remover that came with the glue.
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