How to do easy red lips and eyes that pop

When you wear red lipstick, you're exuding confidence. And it's a look that any woman can pull off. However, when you decide to go for a bright, dark lip, it's best to go for a less dramatic eye so your lipstick really pops and you don't look overly made up. However, everyone's had that moment of applying red lipstick from the tube, getting it crooked, then trying to fix it, only to end up smearing it and looking like a clown or someone who drank red Kool-Aid straight from the pitcher.
For skin with a yellow undertone, choose a lipstick from orange reds; for skin with a pink undertone, choose blue reds. Gloss creates a fuller, glossier lip.
This video lets you in on a few secrets to keep your eyes pretty but less dramatic while putting the focus on your lips. It also gives you an easy tip that even professional makeup artists use frequently on their celebrity clients, and as a bonus, you can do it in less than 10 minutes so you're not late for work trying to perfect your look.
- Medium eye shadow brush
- Light eye shadow with a hint of shimmer
- Smaller eye shadow brush
- Light highlighter powder
- Eyelash curler
- Red lipstick
- Lip brush
- Makeup remover, cotton swabs and pads (just in case)
1. Use a medium-sized eye shadow brush and sweep it into a light-colored eye shadow, preferably a creamy ivory or even a light gold shade. A bit of shimmer dresses up the look. Tap the excess from the brush, and apply it all over your eyelid and into the crease.
2. Using the smaller brush, dip into a shiny, light-colored highlighter powder and apply a bit to the inner corner of each eye. This is a trick used by artists to brighten your eyes even on the most tiring day!
3. Curl your eyelashes to add natural beauty to your eyes without too much eye makeup.
4. Grab your lipstick brush and a tube of your favorite red lipstick. Professionals use a lipstick brush instead of applying straight from the tube because it gives them more control to create the perfect lip.
5. If you do make errors, simply use a cotton swab and makeup remover to correct them.
Smile! You look beautiful and you're out the door in mere minutes.
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