How to shape your nails 5+ ways

Choosing a nail shape is deeply personal. It reflects your attitude and personality, and it also needs to suit your lifestyle. Some shapes, like squares and squovals, are easier to maintain than others, so it's a good idea to think about how you spend your days.
When choosing a shape, consider how long your nails are as well. Stiletto nails, while fierce, break easily and require extra care and maintenance. Ovals, almonds and natural round shapes make your fingers look more slender and are flattering on everyone.
Before you pick up that nail file, remember to file in only one direction at a time. Filing back and forth can weaken your nails or cause them to split. And always double-check the shape visually and physically.
While coffin nails don't have the most flattering name, the shape is very popular and easy to achieve at home. When filing, concentrate on creating curved sides with a blunt tip. Some people also refer to this shape as a ballerina nail because the tip is flat like the pointe shoes dancers wear when performing on the tips of their toes.
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Natural round
Did you know your nails come with a built-in shape template? When filing your nails, take inspiration from the half-moon near the cuticle. Use this as a guide to create a shape that perfectly suits your own hand. Maintain the sides by filing from cuticle to tip, then file inward toward the center and round off the point.
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Round, oval and stiletto nails are stylish, but if you're tough on your nails, you'll need a different shape. Square nails are the same width from the cuticle to the tip, which makes them stronger and less apt to break. When filing, maintain the shape of the sides and square off the tip, so it's blunt. This will make your nails more resilient.
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For a head-turning look, try a pointed stiletto nail. Achieving this shape requires clipping or filing the sidewalls of the nail, so that they form a sharp point. Stiletto nails break easily if they're too long, but maintaining the width at the fingertip and reducing the overall length will make your manicure last longer.
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Some nails shapes are actually more flattering than others. Almond-shaped nails are popular because they make your fingers look slender. To achieve this shape, file in a single direction from the cuticle to the tip on each side. The tip should be slightly rounded, and the center of the tip should align with the middle of your cuticle.
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Oval nails are symmetrically balanced. The curved shape of the cuticle is mirrored by the tip, and the sides remain almost straight. To keep this look balanced, file the nail so that the portion on the nail bed is almost the same length as the portion extending beyond the tip. As always, only file your natural nails in one direction. Filing back and forth can cause the nail to split and weaken.
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Sometimes, it's hard to pick a single shape. Ovals and squares are both popular, which is why the marriage of the two styles is so popular. If you already have oval-shaped nails, simply clip the tip and round the edges slightly. This minor change in shape can also make your nails stronger because there are no corners to break off.
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Luckily, nails grow out with time because choosing a single shape isn't always easy. Stay pretty, and please share these nail filing tips on Facebook.

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