How to apply highlighter before foundation

Wouldn't it be magical to awake each morning with dewy, radiant skin? If you're looking for something to fake that effect, look no further than strobe cream or liquid highlighter. These products are designed to reflect light courtesy of microscopic particles suspended in a cream or lightweight liquid formula.
Strobe cream is like an oxygen boost for your face, and you can apply it both under and over foundation to get the effect you desire. The quick video shows how to use highlighter under the base to give your skin some extra dewiness. It doesn't matter which brand you use; just make sure it doesn't contain any actual glitter. The look should be subtle, not supersonic.
- Strobe cream or liquid highlighter
- Foundation or base makeup
- Beauty sponge
1. Make sure your skin is clean.
2. Apply a small amount of strobe cream to the areas you want to illuminate. Apply this all over your face or just in key areas. Let the product dry.
3. Dampen the beauty sponge and apply the base makeup.
4. Complete the rest of your makeup routine.
Easy, right? Remember to keep luminizing product handy, too. You can always add a bit more to the top of your cheekbones when you're finished for an even more dewy look.
Stay pretty!
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