Forget stripes. Show your true spots with these 12+ polka dot nail designs

Want to do something different to your nails but you're not up to creating a full-on masterpiece on your fingers? Opt for polka dot nails! This is an easy way to create eye-catching nails that doesn't take too much time or require your nail technician.
Use colors that complement each other, such as red and black or pink and white, to change it up if you don't want to stick to basic black and white. Or make it seasonal by going with red and green dots for Christmas or orange and black dots for Halloween. Make your manicure your own and give your dots some pop! Discover some spotty ideas below to try when you want to dive into dots.
Large black and white polka dots
Use fewer dots when you paint on bigger circles to make this manicure really stand with white polish and black polka dots. Get the tutorial here.
A pop of pink
Instead of black and white, inject some femininity into the polka dot manicure by using pink on bottom instead of the same old black or white polish. Pink and black go great together, combining sleek style with girly fun.
Small black and white polka dots
Not feeling as daring? Go for a petite pattern that won't overpower your hands too much. Using a dotting tool makes it easy to make perfect circles, and though black and white is a classic look, change it up however you like to make it your own. Get the tutorial here.
The beauty of gray
A neutral-colored manicure won't take away from the rest of your outfit, and miniature dots are fresh and flattering without overwhelming small hands. The gray shade is a unique take on this traditional look.
Ladybug fingers
Tiny black dots on red nails sort of look like a ladybug -- and ladybugs are pretty cute, so that's okay! This is a fun look that gives your hands some kick and stands out with its smaller dotted pattern without being too obvious.
Hot pink and white polka dots
There's something about pink that's just sassy and feminine no matter what age you are. Using nail confetti instead of polish means you don't have to be an artist to create perfect polka dots, but there are many ways to see spots with pretty pink polish. Get the tutorial here.
Pink lady
Barely-there neutral dots on top of hot pink polish make for a chic manicure that's just the right combination of color and design. The small dots are stylish without being too distracting, and the pink shade is perfect for everyday wear.
Big dots on pink tips
Opt for a more attention-getting look with oversized white dots on fuchsia polish. Put as many dots on each nail as you like, and vary it by making the dots different sizes.
Polka dot accent nail with black nails
Love dots but don't want to overwhelm your hands with dots on each nail? Select one nail to accent with polka dots and make it stand out. Get the tutorial here.
Pink nails with a white accent nail
Take it down a notch but keep things fun by just adding one accent nail to your manicure. Paint your tips pink and dot just one finger for drama. The pink really stands out against the white, catching just the right amount of attention.
Shimmering purple polka dots
One accent nail may not enough, so add a glittering nail too. With gorgeous dark plum polish and a matching purplish glittering accent nail, the polka dots on one nail really make their mark. This works well for fall and winter looks.
Watercolor polka dot nails
Beautiful in their simplicity, watercolor nails mimic the look of a watercolor painting, blending the colors perfectly for an inspired look if you love art (and polka dots!). Get the tutorial here.