5+ brilliant tips to make your eyes look more open and awake

Be honest. You have the best of intentions when it comes to getting eight hours of shuteye. After all, it's hard to look perky and alert when you've had a late night. No matter what the cause, everyone wants to look fresh and bright-eyed when they are out and about, and any tip that helps them fake it is worth trying.
Even though you may not be able to make up for lost sleep, makeup (and false lashes) are great for giving eyes a much-needed boost. In these five videos, you'll learn how makeup and a few well-chosen beauty products can make a difference when it comes to opening up your eyes. Some of these tutorials contain multiple tips, so you're sure to find something that will help.
Brighten eyes in five easy steps
When eyes need a little pick-me-up, it's time to pull out all the stops. There are so many ways to draw attention to your eyes, so this video includes not one or two tips but five. Any single step on its own will make a difference, but if you put them all together, your eyes will definitely shine. You'll want to pin this one for safe keeping because you never know when a little brightness will come in handy.
Awaken tired eyes
If late-night activities are making you look a little less than well-rested, these tips will help. In this video, you'll get advice for not only depuffing your eyes, but you'll also learn a nifty trick for keeping the undereye area hydrated and concealed. The eye mask is also a favorites so keep one chilled in the fridge for quick results.
Next-level tips to brighten under eyes
You conceal, you blend, and somehow it just isn't enough. When undereye darkness is defying your very best efforts, don't give up. Instaed, get creative. In this tutorial, you'll learn multiple techniques for creating a brighter undereye area with staying power. If you've never layered a lighter secondary color corrector on top of concealer, watch this video to see what a difference it can make.
Cover up dark circles with red lipstick
This may look like one of the crazier hacks on the Internet, but concealer and red lipstick (or peach, if you're really fair-skinned) can cover dark circles better than concealer alone. Just like purple correctors that remedy sallowness, colored lipstick has a canceling effect when it comes to dark circles. Check out the video to see for yourself.
Customize lashes to open the eyes
False lashes are truly one of the greatest gifts the beauty world has provided. They instantly make eyes look more open, but sometimes a standard strip just isn't enough. In the quick video, you'll learn how to customize lashes by combining a standard strip with a few additional single lashes. For a wide-awake look, be sure to watch where the extra lashes are placed. This one's a game changer.​
How to open the eyes with individual lashes
Strip lashes work wonders, but sometimes they merely look overdone and unnatural. With individual lashes, you can customize your look to add more fullness in the center. This makes you look more awake in seconds. If you're nervous about applying false lashes, check out this helpful video. You'll learn everything you need to know in less than a minute.
Never use liquid liner below your eyes
You've got a beautiful liner in your makeup bag, but it's simply too wet and intense for using anywhere other than your upper lid. Limit its use to that area.
Draw a hashtag for a quick smoky eye
This technique for creating the smoky eye look is definitely going viral, but is a hack or whack? We put this particular trick to the test in the video below. You might just be surprised by the results.

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