How to clean a beauty blender with liquid baby soap

To ensure a smooth and flawless foundation application, you should really rinse out a beauty blender after every use. A lot of makeup wearers, however, skip this step because it's such a hassle to properly clean a beauty blender. Until now.
Watch this short video for a favorite hack for cleaning and sanitizing a beauty blender. All you need is some water and baby soap. It couldn't be easier or quicker, and the blender will be ready for another application in no time.
- Beauty blender
- Water
- Baby soap
1. Run the beauty blender under water. The surface of the sponge should be completely damp so the baby soap can really penetrate and clean out all the trapped foundation.
2. Squeeze out a small amount of baby soap onto the surface of the sponge and begin to work it in all over, ensuring as much of the beauty blender as possible is covered in suds.
3. Place the beauty blender back under running water, squeezing it periodically to release the suds. You'll see the makeup begin to run easily out of the sponge.
4. Keep rinsing and squeezing the sponge until the water runs clear. The beauty blender should have no soapy residue left behind.
Congratulations – you have a clean and sanitized beauty blender. Let it air dry in an open space so no moisture becomes trapped in the sponge.
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