Give your ponytail a lift with these 7+ game-changing hair styling tips

The biggest problem with ponytails is that they sometimes fall flat. Luckily, you can personalize your current hairstyle with these game-changing styling tips. Follow these tutorials to learn how to redefine the classic ponytail.
The hacks featured on the video are insanely simple and will flatter all hair types and textures. So say goodbye to your boring ponytail and hello to these clever hair styling tips.
Lifted ponytail
Gathering your hair into a high ponytail is like getting an immediate face-lift. This style is the best way to show off your bone structure.
The secret to achieving this look is to section your hair into several small ponytails and anchor them with jaw clips. Enhance the lifted appearance by grabbing a hair tie and securing the small ponytails into one big pony. The look isn’t complete without lots of hair teasing for added volume. Get the full tutorial here.
Hand-teased ponytail
This ponytail requires no hairbrush, which means less manipulation and minimal damage to your strands. Follow the tutorial for some clever tips.
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Extended ponytail
Fake a longer ponytail by stacking several ponytails on top of each other. Follow the tutorial for the details.
Sleek ponytail
You’re going to need a flat iron to achieve this sleek ponytail. It’s important to protect your hair from heat damage, so don’t forget to use heat protection. Get the tutorial here.
Crimped ponytail
If you want to get transported back to the '80s, then this crimped hairdo is what you’re looking for. Use a crimping iron to create waves all over your hair. Get the tutorial here.
Pigtail ponytails
Channel your inner child with this Pippi Longstocking-inspired pigtail style. This tutorial will teach you how to weave long, multicolored hair extensions into medium-length hair.
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Twisted ponytail
This twisted ponytail will be the perfect addition to your hair inspiration board. Follow the tutorial to learn how to nail this style.