7+ nail designs that are perfect for teachers

Teachers put in long hours and inspire people — adults and children alike — to learn and grow. They also have to be creative, because no two people learn in the same way. If you teach, you've probably used everything from crayons to chalk and many things in between while in the classroom.
Why not share your love of teaching by painting one of these classroom icons on your nails? From apples to pencils to the omnipresent composition notebook, each design has you in mind. Mix and match them, or paint all your nails with a single design. No matter what you choose, your love of learning will be front and center every day of the week.
Children have been giving apples to their teachers for decades. These delectable gifts are more than a simple sign of appreciation. Historically, students gave apples to their teachers as a form of payment. Instead of waiting for someone to give you a shiny apple, try this cute manicure. It even uses star-shaped glitter to replicate the core. Get the tutorial here.
Pencils and erasers
Most teachers have a box of No. 2 pencils in their desk. These classic yellow staples are synonymous with school, and their shape makes them easier to draw than you might think. The classic yellow Ticonderoga pencil serves as inspiration for this manicure that gets added dimension via faint black lines on top of the yellow. The pink eraser perfects the look. Get the tutorial here.
Lined paper
Literature lovers will recognize the words in this Melville-inspired manicure right away. "Call me Ishmael," the first words in "Moby Dick," are written on this lined paper manicure that mimics those essays you wrote in high school or college. Add an "A+" grade to the design, and you will show your students what you expect from them this year. Get the tutorial here.
Saved by the school bell (Memphis Milano)
Trends have a way of repeating themselves, and the squiggly lines, bright colors and triangles of the late '80s and early '90s have come back around once more. The television show "Saved by the Bell" included fashions and artwork that were both unstructured and playful, so it's no small wonder the style is making a comeback. Try this multicolored manicure and see who recognizes it. Get the tutorial here.
As far as writing implements go, most people started their journey with crayons. Those paper-wrapped wonders helped us learn to write, color and create. Just because you're all grown up doesn't mean you have to keep your crayons hidden. Add a few to your next manicure. Who knows? They may inspire you to resume your artistic pursuits. Get the tutorial here.
Most teachers spend a fair amount of time writing on a chalkboard and erasing it. The surface looks polished at the beginning of the day, but chalk residue inevitably turns the board matte by day's end. For this design, paint a green background, then add a math problem or grammar lesson on top. A coat of mattifying gel gives the chalkboard its characteristic finish. Get the tutorial here.
Composition notebook
As a student, parent or teacher, you've probably bought more than one composition notebook. The black-and-white design draws inspiration from those easily identifiable covers. The video will teach you how to achieve a marbled effect with a crumpled Post-it note and how to paint partial letters to let the world know you're a lover of words and knowledge. Get the tutorial here.
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