How to do a suspended pull-through braid

If you love the look of fancy braids but feel like you're all thumbs, then today's the day to hop on the pull-through trend. These complicated-looking braids are actually a combination of ponytails divided up and woven together. It sounds difficult, but you can master the look in no time.
This suspended pull-through braid cascades around your head in a descending fashion, similar to a spiral staircase. The video shows step by step how to achieve this look, so you may want to watch it once or twice before trying it. Like anything new, practice makes perfect, but because you won't be braiding all of your hair, any imperfections will be impossible to spot.
- Rattail comb
- Several small hair elastics
1. Begin by parting your hair on the side. The deeper the part, the more hair you'll have to work with.
2. At the top of your head, pick up a section near the part and secure with an elastic.
3. In small increments, continue sectioning the hair into similar ponytails in a descending fashion until you’ve sectioned the last ponytail at the nape of your neck near your opposite shoulder. You should have a cascading line of ponytails ready to braid.
4. Go back to the first ponytail and divide it into two. Bring the next section of hair up between the two sections. Just lift it out of the way and secure the divided sections with the third ponytail using an elastic band.
5. Pull the braid apart slightly to make it more full and fluffy.
6. Pick up the loose ponytail from the middle of the braid and divide it into two sections.
7. Pull the next ponytail up through the middle and secure the two sections with the next ponytail in the sequence. Continue this pattern until you have reached the last ponytail.
8. Fluff up the braid once more and pin it in place.
You're all done! Told you it wouldn't be too hard.

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