How to do a pull-through fishtail combo braid

If you've ever stood in your closet looking for something to wear, then you know how hard some decisions are to make. When it comes to braiding, the same is true, but who says that you can't combine two different styles in one look? No one – and that's the beauty of this combination braid.
The upper part of this braid is a simple pull-through, and the bottom half is called a fishtail because of the way the hair is woven together. Neither part requires any special skills, and this helpful video walks you through the process step by step. When finished, you'll have a modern look that's praiseworthy.
- Alligator hair clip
- Several small hair elastics
1. Starting at the top of your head, take a section of hair and use an elastic to create a ponytail. Clip it onto the top of your head for now.
2. Grab another section of hair below the first one and secure it with an elastic. You're ready to make the first pull-through.
3. Release the first ponytail, divide it into two sections and pull the lower ponytail up toward the top of your head. Temporarily keep it out of the way with a hair clip.
4. Create another ponytail by combining the two loose sections with some additional hair. Secure with an elastic as before and release the ponytail from the top of your head.
5. Divide the top ponytail like you did the first time, pulling the lower ponytail up through the middle again and clipping it out of the way.
6. Repeat these steps until you reach the nape of your neck.
7. Fluff up the braid by gently pulling it apart.
8. Take the remaining hair and divide it into two sections.
9. Pull a small section of hair from the right side underneath the left side. Repeat, alternating sides until you reach the end. (Tip: You can complete this fishtail portion by pulling the braid over your shoulder, which makes it easier, especially if your hair is really long.)
10. Secure the bottom with an elastic.