How to do jumbo pull-through braid pigtails

When the weekend rolls around, it's time to have fun. If your plans call for a casual hairstyle, then braided pigtails are an ideal option. For this pretty style, you'll end up with two fancy braided pigtails that are far from ordinary.
Pull-through braiding looks complicated, but it's easy to master on your very first try. If you've never tried this style before, watch the step-by-step tutorial all the way through at least once. You'll quickly see that the process really only has two steps (the ponytail and the pull-through). When you're ready to begin, gather a few necessities and get started.
- Comb
- Alligator hair clip
- Several small elastics
- Curling iron
1. Part your hair in the middle so you can make a braid on each side.
2. Create a small ponytail on the left side at the top. Secure it with an elastic, and clip it on the other side of your part to keep it out of the way.
3. Make the next ponytail by picking up hair next to the first one.
4. Once you have secured it with an elastic, release the clip and divide the upper ponytail into two equal sections. Lift the lower ponytail up through the middle and clip it on top like you did the first time.
5. Combine the two loose sections with some more hair into another ponytail.
6. Repeat the release, divide, clip and secure steps until you get to the nape of your neck, and braid the other side.
7. Go back and gently pull apart the braided sections to make them full and fluffy.
8. Curl any loose hair at the bottom for a soft, finished look.

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