Talk about sweet nails. 10+ cherry nail designs that are too sweet

Fingernails are so great — they're like a canvas that you get to paint over and over again. There's no commitment when it comes to nail designs, so if you don't like it all you need to do is head to your closet and grab the nail polish remover. If you are feeling adventurous, fun, and fruity, read on to discover nail designs that should suit your mood.
These cherry nail designs are the perfect complement to any fun summer outfit and are sure to get many compliments from your friends. Watch these videos, then grab your nearest bottle of red — we're talking about nail polish, not wine!
Cherry accent nail with red and white polka dot nails
Don't want to commit to a full-on cherry pattern but love the look of the juicy fruits? Select one nail to accent and keep the others subtle for a more sophisticated way to enjoy the trend.
Cherry accent nail and glitter accent nail
Add polka dots to red polish instead of clear, and accent two nails instead of one by creating a solid glittered nail alongside the cherry nail for an eye-catching, cute manicure.
Big cherries and dots
Instead of focusing on small cherries, go big or go home with a big pair of cherries on a white background on the accent nail and larger polka dots on the other nails to make the cherry nail the focus of your fingers.
Tiny cherries all over nails
A delicate, tiny cherry print is a fun way to enjoy this precious pattern, and it looks feminine enough to not be overwhelming even on small hands. Change it up to customize it to your own personality and color options.
Cherries with dimension
Add detail to cherry-patterned nails by using brown for the stems and adding leaves. This gives the cherries a more realistic look and gives your mani more dimension and texture.
Dry shampoo dupe
If you're guilty of buying items solely based on cute packaging, you probably have a bottle of this in your bathroom. Duplicate the unmistakable look of the Batiste cherries on the brand's dry shampoo for a cute color change.
Glitter nails with cherries
Like a little sparkle with your cherries? You're never too old for glitter, and glittering cherries are just fancier versions of regular cherries. Watch the video for a few ideas on adding some sparkle to your cherry manicure.
Pink metallic cherry nails
Pink and red complement each other, and bright red cherries against a sparkling pink background simply screams girly and cute. You can make the cherries pop even more by adding a bit of white to make them look shiny and 3D.
Glitter accent and cherry accent nail
These nails pack a punch of patterns with cherries, plaid, and a glitter accent nail that adds sparkle to a glossy manicure. The red cherries on the white polish pop, and the glitter nail adds just that extra bit of pizzazz.
White French tips with cherries
You'll never look at a French manicure in the same way after you've added cherries! Toss out your old, boring French tips and add juicy red cherries to liven up this classic look.
Big cherry French tips
Vary your cherries by adding either one bunch or two on each nail to make them different, and go for larger fruits rather than a more delicate design for a statement-making manicure.
Polka dot French manicure
See spots with an adorable French manicure that takes the extra step of adding dots to the nails and simply one small bunch of cherries for just a hint of an accent.
Plaid nails with cherries
Go bold or go home! Mix plaid with a pop of cherries for a cute and trendy look that's perfect for fall. The red berries against the dark plaid design make it really stand out. Do one accent nail or do them all.

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